Entering the Second Decade of (X)S.M.L with Caravan

It seemed like it just yesterday we saw the first store of (X)S.M.L and without even realizing it they’re already entering their second decade. Their latest collection for 2010 with the theme ‘Caravan’ is a depiction of the brand journey to a new beginning. Although this ‘Caravan’ will bring them somewhere, but the collection also reminisces on the past. In general, although the collection has bohemian, utilitarian and laid back feel but it still instills the label’s signature as providing basic pieces that you can layer on top of each other and mix and match it.

Caravan is a vehicle used for a road trip, usually a long one, and used by a large group. Usually the journey is done with different track, enjoyment and problem. This collection reflects life journey, that life will never run smoothly but with solid teamwork you can build anything successfully.This statement truly symbolizes Biyan Wanaatmadja journey together with his business partner, Benarty Suhali back in 1999 when they created this brand. Biyan said that they want to celebrate what they’ve accomplished so far, bearing in mind that the journey they’ve taken still has a long way to go. He said that as a label, (X)S.M.L still have room to give their customer so much more.

The collection itself consists of young energetic pieces which maintain the brand’s sophistication. You will see a lot of dresses with different patterns and texture. Couple of floral pattern with unusual cut, which gives different vibe to an otherwise very feminine pattern. Blouses for all types of occasion and style from formal, feminine to edgy. You will still see the perfect tailoring throughout this collection as well as deconstructive one.

The colours chosen for this collection are mainly muted neutral one and those closely linked to utilitarian style such as khaki, army green and camel. Ornaments such as patchwork, applique and bold accessories are dominating this collection.

Cessa Suhali, the Managing Director of (X)S.M.L stated that the design philosophy of the label has been long focus on giving design that have a sense of youthful, playful with a touch of modernity, forward thinking and now they want to focus more on giving contemporary and hip design that show individuality.