Travel in Style: The Challenges Story

Yes, people. One post is not enough for me to tell you how fun the style rally was.

On the previous post I have written about the rally and about Mazda2. But I haven’t told you the detail of each challenge.

Senayan – Brian Molko loves his eyeliner so much he wrote lyrics about his favorite brands! Well, you only need to find one ;)

That is one of the clues we gave. Can you answer it? Well all the team participating in the rally could. Yes, it’s MAC Cosmetics! And when the teams arrived at MAC counter in Sogo Plaza Senayan, they were greeted by the lovely beauty assistants who asked them the color of their car. And as soon as they got the answer, they handed several makeup to the team. The challenge was to do a makeover using the color of your car. And we’re talking about Fashionese Daily readers and forum member, here guys! Especially when they found out each person would get a lipglass/lip gelee from MAC after they finish the challenge. Nobody complained when they had to color their eyes bright green. There’s no rule in makeup, right? Darwyn must be so proud of us :)

MAC challenge was the best challenge ever! The second we read the clue, We knew we gotta go to MAC. And we were beyond ecstatic :D

Lita is actually on a dermatologist treatment, and only get to wear lips and eye make up. No blush ! And she’s been a regular on blush thread :)) So when the challenge was make-up related, she got super excited. When we arrived at MAC PS, and reported our attendance, the SA asked the color of our car. It turned out the challenge was to put on make up with a touch of the same color as our car. Since we drove a red Mazda2, the SA gave us 2 red lipsticks. Without doubt, Lita asked for foundation and powder from the SA. :p We decided to wear neutral eyes and Russian Red lipstick, with a dab of dazzleglass to give a bit of oomph ! :D

- SPFAddict

Then, there were one check point where they should find a place to make them look good and still being environmentally friendly. A place with reduce, reuse, recycle concept and where you can find treasure from other women’s closet. Sounds too good to be true, eh? But we know for sure that such place really exists. Because our office is located just next door. Of course I’m talking about Closet Quickies :)

The challenge there was to makeover one of the team members, from head to toe. The makeover items should consist tops and bottoms (or dress), handbags, shoes and at least one accessories. And then the shop assistant will count the total price. The cheaper the amount, the bigger the point they’d get. And you know what makes Closet Quickies even more special? Almost every team did the challenge with total amount of IDR 250K or less. I repeat. Two hundred and fifty thousand rupiah for head to toe makeover. Sweet, right? :)

Closet quickies punya konsep yang lucu! We don’t think We’ve ever come across a store like this before. This store offers you the convenience to refresh your style and your closet. They have brought up the insight of girls who like to shop, love to buy new things just for the sake of having them, and end up with a pile of things in her closet. Remember how you amaze yourself finding stuff you bought but never wear before and never will? So closet quickes is here to help you to swap the things you no longer need with the new old things to be stacked at home later :) It feels like exchanging wardrobes with sisters from all over the place you’ve never seen before that have same situation like you! hehe.. Mungkin karena itu namanya closet quickies ya.. hahaha

-Musume Revival

Then off they went to a place with a very sweet name. Little did they know the challenge wouldn’t satisfy any sweet tooth craving. And if you are an avid FD reader like those girls, you must know I was referring  to Caramello Sugar-Waxing Shop. This time each team only needed to ‘sacrifice’ one person to do the challenge. You sure you want to know? Ten points for bikini wax and 30 points for Brazilian :D And remember, they still had to run to complete the rest of the challenge after that. But they are a bunch of brave ladies, they all took the brazillian challenge.

Dibandingin dengan tempat-tempat lain yang gue biasa nge-wax, surprisingly, Caramello is pretty painless (super important!!). Mbaknya kayanya udah very well trained. The sugar wax temperature is just right, and they are very quick and thorough. So, all and all it’s very recommended. Kayanya gue bakal ke sana for my next wax. Oh, and the price is considerably cheaper than other places.

-Felicia from Ncik Ncik Hitzzz

By the way readers, do you speak Sanskrit? If you do, you will definitely know the answer of the riddle. The continuous flow, cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. Samsara spa in SCBD Sudirman is almost as sacred as the name. The challenge here was very different than the other, because the team should relax their mind and body (in the middle of the rally!) and concentrate hard when Mr. Daniel from Samsara showed them the Tibetan Singing Bowl. And after that they had to make the bowl sing (actually the sound is more like whistle) by rubbing a stick around its rim. (Without knocking or hitting the bowl). Yes that was not an easy task. But after that, all team got 15 minutes back massage as a reward. And that’s worth the effort.

That was the hardest challenge! Pertama, cluenya menjebak banget. Kami diminta untuk mencari spa bernama the cycle of birth, life, dead, rebirth’ di daerah Sudirman. Dengan sok tau, kami asumsi itu adalah nama salah satu spa di FX. Kami dapat parkir di P2 FX, naik sampai lantai 5 ternyata spa yang kami cari udah pindah ke lantai 2. Lari-lari sampai lantai 2, eh ternyata salah tempat! :( Dengan memanfaatkan BB, kami langsung googling lagi dan ternyata nama spa yang dimaksud adalah Samsara di kawasan SCBD.

Kedua, tantangannya juga susah. Kami harus berhasil bunyiin Tibetian Singing Bowl selama 5 menit, di mana bunyi tidak boleh terpotong selama 2 menit. Kirain gampang, tapi ternyata perlu penjiwaan waktu mainin alatnya. Berkat penjiwaan yang mendalam ini, Raissa sampai dipuji loh sama mas nya ;). Hehehe. Setelah itu, kami sebenernya udah niat untuk lari lagi ke mobil. Eh enggak nyangka, ternyata dikasih free back and hand massage! Yay! Thank you Samsara! :)

- Post Bali Syndrome

Remember the Mooovement did by our sister site Mommies Daily? We want the action not to stop just there. So we asked the team to deliver ten boxes of milk we prepared to Helping Hands project. The organization will then distribute the milk to couple of orphan houses in Tj. Priok. We believe every small action will lead to a bigger reaction, so hopefully the kids would find the milk useful.

The teams was told to drop the boxes at Helping Hand Project’s base camp in Pejompongan. A nice coffee shop located in the corner of the street, almost secluded. When you happen to be around the area, you might want to stop by at Koffie Doeloe. The place is so nice, some teams decided to take five to ten minutes rest there. And after that, they needed to return the car squeaky clean. And the nearest car wash was their next destination.

Susah bgt cari tempatnyaa..smp muterin pejompongan 2 kalii,apalagi di otak kita yg kepikirannya nama ‘bakoel koffie’ wew :D akhirnya pas puter balik ngliat plang “koffie” waw..walau udah keterusan,kita berusaha muter lewat blakang..dan gotchaa! Benerr tempatnyaaa :)

Terus pas tau rewardnyaa 50point kami senang bukan kepaalang,saking capeknyaa kami beli minuman-minuman segar disanaa :) hohoho nikmatnyaa bagaii surga..sambil ngobrol-ngobrol santai sama mas yg punyaa :) (Heidy malah punya ide mau pemotretan disanaa :D)


And that’s not all! During the rally, all chaperons (Hanzky, Affi, Amal DesZell, Mike and Me) paid a close attention to the teams because we prepared so many prizes for them. And below are the winners.

Musume Revival won as team with best picture. I tell you they couldn’t stop posing and clicking! Every time I called all teams to gather, they would run from across the room, where they took pictures of each other. But below picture is the best of all. They were so well prepared, they even brought props for the picture. Look at that and tell me how could you not pick it as the best picture :)

And Ncik Ncik Hitzz won as the most creative team. They did their challenge wholeheartedly and as you can see below, they really did the extra miles :) By the way, do you see Dien’s shoes? She wore them all the way and she can ran extra fast while wearing them! Kudos, Dien!

As you might have noticed, all teams were dressed up in different themes. And when we heard from mondaymates that all team members were wearing clothes from Pasar Senen (they are Monday Mates, literally! Lol), we know they deserved a prize, too :)

Of course we have one team who was the most voted (we asked people to vote their favorite team via Twitter) with more than 400 tweets, way above the others (the second team had around 200 votes). They are SPFAddict who I think had at least half of Female Daily forum members voted for them.

And at last I will show you, how the teams finished the rally way before the designated time :) Hail to the beauty of technology!