Travel In Style Rally: The Zoom-Zoom Story

I am definitely not a morning person. I feel more alive in the evening. Never occurred in my mind that I would wake up voluntarily before noon during the weekend without a slightest hint of annoyance. But I did that on August 1, 2010, when I jumped from my bed happily, all excited and ready for Fashionese Daily and Mazda2 Travel in Style Rally.

All of us in the office were so excited when we finally could hold the style rally, because we had been talking about the idea for some times. Thanks to Mazda2 for their support so we can make it happen.

There were five teams participated in the rally and during the technical meeting two days before, we informed them that we will start at 10 AM and the teams should be ready at 8.30 AM. So I was quite surprise when I got a phone call at 6.30 AM from mondaymates team, saying they have arrived in the meeting point. Wow, excited much? :D

At 9AM we have done with re-registration, final briefing and we have also distributed the breakfast and lunch boxes (yes, we encouraged them to eat in the car. Hey, it’s a rally! :p) and of course the goody bags. One of the rules is that the teams will depart one by one with five minutes interval, so as soon as all teams picked their cars, we tried to park the cars in correct order.

Apparently that’s not an easy task, as we spent almost 45 minutes on that. But we did it! And on 9.50, Ms. Astrid Ariani Wijaya – Corporate Communications of Mazda Motor Indonesia officially opened the race.

So the rally worked like this. Each team received a program book with different route. They had to find five check points by solving the riddle given inside the program book, and when they arrived at the right place, they had to do a challenge to get points. Team with biggest points will win the rally.

It is almost unbelievable how fast they completed the whole tasks. In average, each team only spent five hours (from seven hours given) including completing the last task, to find our beloved Thomas in one special kitchen in Blok M. Yeah, I can tell you Thomas was surprised when the first team found him sitting quietly in Dapoer restaurant in Jl. Lamandau.

On my next article, I will tell you about all the challenges, but to make it interesting, I will post some of the pictures and let you make your guess.

It looked fun, right? :) It was. And the team who got the biggest point (and that team was also the first team to arrive in the finish line despite having gone to wrong check points couple of times) is Post Bali Syndrome. They only spent 3 hours and 58 minutes. Isn’t it amazing? So they won IDR  3 million cash prize, packages from MAC Cosmetics, Closet Quickies, Samsara Spa and Caramello Sugar-Waxing Shop. Congratulations, #PBS :) Your chaperone couldn’t be more proud :p

After the rally, we asked all teams about their zoom-zoom experience with Mazda2 and below are their answers:

Perkenalan #NcikNcikHitzzz dengan Mazda2 berawal manis. Tampilannya sporty tapi tetap feminin. Sesuai dengan color tone kostum hari ini, kami memilih sedan hitam. Bagi pengendara yang sebelumnya tidak pernah mengendarai Mazda, mobil ini sangat user friendly. Tidak perlu banyak adjustment dan semua fungsi dapat ditemukan dan dioperasikan dengan mudah. Selama rally kami melalui berbagai medan jalanan, baik besar maupun kecil dan dapat dilalui dengan nyaman.  Berkat berbagai kelebihan tersebut, pengalaman zoom zoom dengan Mazda2 berakhir semanis perkenalannya. Sama hitzzz nya dengan kami

-Team Ncik Ncik Hitzzz (Dien, Yola and Felicia)

Enjoyable driving experience with Mazda2. Almost sound proof, easy to navigate, fuel efficient, good audio. Decent size for compact car, fits four of us comfortably, even our stuff, maps, laptops and whatnot have enough space in the car. Not to mention the spacious trunk!

-Team SPFAddict (Lita, Utie and Rere)

Mazda2 emang OK banget!!! Bentuk keren, dalamnya luas (secara bawaan kita banyak banget, tapi nggak kerasa) dan enak dibawa karena nyaman disetirnya. Mungkin karena sudah memakai teknologi terbaru. Walaupun sempet bingung karena jalannya muter-muter, karena Mazda2 sangat nyaman, kami tetap senang. Mengendarai Mazda2 rasanya sangat fashionable. Sesuai dengan taglinenya ‘It looks good on you’. Go Mazda2!

-Team Musume Revival (Tari, Grace, Tya)

Mazda2 kelihatannya mewah sehingga membuat pengendaranya lebih PD. Banyak tombol-tombol praktis pada roda kemudi, seperti tombol pengatur spion, pengatur audio sampai tombol untuk membuka bagasi sehingga pengemudi sangat dimudahkan. Bagasinya sendiri cukup besar untuk ukuran city car dan dapat menampung banyak barang. Selain itu bensinnya sangat irit dan tempat duduknya lebih leluasa dan nyaman. Mobilnya OK banget. Rallynya sendiri serunya nggak nanggung-nanggung, bikin kita guling-guling kegirangan. Chaperonenya juga asyik dan stylish abiss (Mike, this is for you :p) Kalau ada lagi mau ikut lagi yaaah.. yaaah.. boleh yaaah… *wink*

-Team mondaymates (Heidi, Putri and Sissi)

Never thought that the experience from joining this rally would be  this much FUN!! Thanks to the compact, smooth and stylish car that we used, we have no difficulties reaching all places. We keep on zoom zoom-ing until we finished FIRST! Way before the deadline. Definitely the most stylish car and the most stylish rally!

-Team Post Bali Syndrome (Raissa, Amanda and Syita)

Once again thank you all teams for participating in the rally, thank you Mazda2 and all other sponsors (MAC Cosmetics, Closet QuickiesSamsara SpaCaramello Sugar-Waxing Shop and Koffie Doeloe) and we wish to see you again on the next event.

More stories and pictures coming up soon!