Fighting temptation

This outfit I wore on my boyfriend Johny’s birthday (happy Bday hon!). I wasn’t planning on wearing the blazer but it was a bit chilly out, weather in Holland has a mind of its own. What makes this outfit special to me, besides the fact I’m wearing pleated pants eventhough I thought I never would, is the fact that most of it I bought on my first shopping trip back in Holland. You might think ‘Well, that’s not special’, but when you consider the fact my first shopping trip was just a few days ago… maybe than you would think it’s a bit special. Wow, I managed to stay away from my biggest temptation for over 6 weeks. It’s been my longest black period up to now… Yay to me! Let’s keep it up longer next time!

Blazer – Dressy Dressy
Top – H&M
Tank – H&M
Pleated pants – Zara
Shoes – Moschino Cheap & Chic
Necklace – H&M
Earrings – Primark