Janeville Lebaran Hampers

This is that time of the year where people are celebrating the coming of holy month of Ramadhan and all the good old sweet desserts are available everywhere when the sun set and people starts to break their fast. You prepare yourself mentally for welcoming this month, when at the same time you’re trying to find a reason to purchase new stuff such as sajadah, mukena, and other moslem outfits that you will most likely need during buka puasa bersama held by your relatives, friends, colleagues or at the office.

Janeville bags collection has always been captivating. So imagine our excitement seeing the inclusion of Lebaran Hampers on their Fall/Winter 2010 collection. It consist of pashmina, ramadhan prayers book, sajadah tug into a stylish bag. You can just slung this bag into your shoulder, add a pair of mukena and you’re ready to go to the mosque for tarawih.

The hampers cost Rp 680,000 and not only it’s a perfect set for you to start the month of Ramadhan but it’s going to be a great gift for your loved ones and colleagues at the office.

You better hurry up before the hari raya shopping madness begins, and before you know it everything is sold out. It’s available in two versions and Janeville starts to deliver this hamper from the first day of Ramadhan.

By the way, we wouldn’t mind receiving a hamper like this :)