O Perfect Jeans, Where Art Thou?

More than half of women (54%) try on at least 10 pairs of jeans to find one pair they would buy Global Quant Survey 3/10

Sounds familiar? Well, if you’re like me, who has a curvy body especially in the waist down area, you’ll most likely have a hard time finding the perfect jeans.

Seasons change, trends change, our needs change, even our bodies change (don’t tell me, yours doesn’t! :D) – so I think it’s only natural that periodically, we need to shop for a new pair of jeans to suit those changes. I am in that period at the moment, where I need to find at least 2 pairs of jeans. One straight cut, preferably in dark colors so I can still wear it to work. And another one that’s more casual, a boyfriend jeans maybe or a skinny ones that has a nice light wash to be worn during the weekends.

The jeans I’m looking for should be flattering, fits well, not too tight, not too low rise (I hate jeans that slides down and shows my butt when I sit down!), and accentuates this womanly curves that I am so blessed to have :D

It doesn’t sound like I’m asking a lot right? But why is it so hard to find that perfect pair of jeans that gives me the comfort and confidence when wearing it? And apparently I am not the only one. According to a recent research by Global Fit Name Survey, most women (87%) wish they could find jeans that fit better than the ones they own. This research finds that Most women (67%) believe that jeans are designed for women with “ideal” figures while Very few women (28%) believe that jeans are designed to fit their body. What’s sad is that when the jeans don’t fit, women blame themselves… vowing to hit the gym or start that diet. They have never thought that maybe it’s the jeans, not them, that are not right. It’s about time a brand is doing something about this, right?

So, because it is such a hassle getting into and out of endless pairs of jeans, I usually just opt for regular pants or skirts instead because, not only I love the femininity of skirts, but non-denim pants and skirts are more forgiving and easier to wear than jeans.

But anyway, enough about me. Now I want to hear all of you out there about your own personal problems when it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans! Do you find it easy or hard? If it’s the latter, what makes it hard?

And because I’m feeling generous today, I will pick 3 of the most interesting answers and will give them each a Rp. 500,000 worth of voucher from a classic and well-known denim brand. I can’t tell you what the brand is right now but I assure you, you want these vouchers! ;)

You have until 11th of August to submit your answers in the comment box below and we will announce the winners on the 12th.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! :)