Wearing Black to a Pure White Event

It was one of those busy weekends where I had to run around from one place to another trying to fulfill all my obligations, work and family.

I was invited to Pond’s Pure White festival that night and because I’ve been out all day, I really couldn’t be bothered with mixing and matching colors. So I just chose a simple black dress and threw this scarf at the last minute to brighten the look a bit. I even forgot to bring an evening purse! I had to borrow one from my mother in law and when I opened her closet, it was like opening a treasure chest as I saw a few ‘oldies but goodies’ bags and purses from Chanel, Celine, Gucci and others. Mental note: Must revisit this closet soon! :D

  • MNG Eyelet dress
  • Nikicio signature dress (worn as scarf), I have to mention that this actually belongs to my sister or she’ll badger me in the comment section :p
  • Zoe Wittner wedges
  • Vintage Celine purse