Age Gracefully with RoC Skincare

Age is one thing that we can never avoid. We can, however, accept it gracefully because it’s not something that we should despise of. One thing that will come with age is the change in your skin condition. Many resort in a quick solution that can restore their youthful skin condition by botox injection and plastic surgery.

For those who are not ready to meet the surgical knife, you can rest with RoC® instead. RoC® skincare products are developed through close partnership with dermatologists. Their products work by improving the skin’s health, and not just by simply masking the symptoms. RoC® promises the improvement of your skin appearance.

So what better way to learn about a product other than from peers review? We’ve got three fellow FDers who’ve tried the RoC® skincare products, let’s read what they said about them!

Alice on RoC® RetinOx™ Intensive Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer SPF 15 (Day) and RetinOx™ Intensive Anti Wrinkle Cream (Night)

Alice uses skincare religiously; aside from the basic skincare step (cleansing, toner, moisturizer) she also uses serum, blackspot eraser, sunblock and home micro-dermabrasion or face scrub followed by a mask on weekly basis. She has freckles on certain area and fine lines under the eyes.

What? A moisturizer which combines Retinol and Minerals Complex that boosts skin’s natural collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles resulting in younger-looking skin. Targeted for women who want intensive anti-wrinkle moisturizer and promises 24 hours hydration and immediate tightening effect. Day cream includes SPF 15 that will protect the skin from both UVA/UVB and clinically proven to fill deep wrinkles after daily use. Night cream contains of THPE to help the skin look firmer & lifted.

First impression on the product: Product absorb fast into the skin but I have mild stinging on the skin. I can see that the crow’s feet under my eyes will be diminished immediately after few hours of using the products. However, the effect only lasts for several hours after applying it. After cleansing my face the problem remains. The immediate effect was not a permanent solution, but given more time maybe it will enhance the skin’s condition. I notice that other anti-aging products also have this kind of momentarily effect.

Overall review: After 3 weeks of use, my skin looks visibly brighter and smoother and this product certainly helps with my skin issues. Compared with other anti-aging moisturizers that I’ve used in the past, the products from RoC are less creamy. Maybe because other products looks very creamy on my face, I have the impression that when using this product my face is not moisturized enough. However, my face are not flaky after using this, I take it that it does the moisturizing job well enough despite my initial impression.

What I don’t like is the smell of this product and it stings my face after a few days of use. I tackle this problem with using more serum underneath the moisturizer and it seems to work just fine.

Editor’s note: Alice mixes the RoC® skincare products with other products with anti-aging properties in it. Most anti-aging products have active ingredients in it, sometimes too many active ingredients in your skincare regimen is not good because they will either work against or cancel out each other. Active ingredients need to complement each other in order for it to work more effectively. The stinging effect is due to the Retinol, which is the main ingredient of RetinOx™. Retinol have high efficacy therefore your face feel tingling.

Yustina on RoC® RetinOx™ Multi-Corrective Eye Cream

Yustin has dry skin but lately she experienced oiliness in some areas. She uses basic skincare (cleanser, toner, moisturizer) as well as sunblock to give protection against the sunray. She also has problems with dark undereye circles and fine lines. We thought she would be the perfect reviewer for this eye cream because she have tried many eye creams to tackle the problems around her eyes.

What: This eye cream helps to reduce multiple signs of aging, your eye contour will appear firmer and brighter after using this product over a period of time. This product is suitable for sensitive eyes and it non comedogenic.

First impression on the product: the cream sinks in immediately to my skin and it feels really comfortable. I didn’t have any irritation problem using this product.

Overall review: Understanding that my problems are under-eye dark circle and fine lines I would expect not to see any immediate result. This product really feels moist on my eye area, which helps with fine lines since our eyes area can get fine lines easily if it’s not moisturized properly. This product also makes a good base for my concealer, since the texture is neither too greasy nor drying either.

After 3 weeks of use, I didn’t see any miraculous result but I really see that this will help with the problems on the skin around my eyes area. It will definitely need time to work and I would continue to use this product.

Editor’s note: Given that this product is marketed for fighting the sign of aging around the eyes, you should first understand the main concern of the skin around your eyes. This product target specific concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark circle and lost of elasticity. When you need to combat one of the concern specified, then this eye cream is the perfect product for you.

Pia on RoC® CompleteLift Serum

Pia writes her beauty find and review on her blog here. She’s been using the same night cream and sunblock for almost 6 years made by a local dermatologist. Not until she joined FD that she begun to shift into off the shelf skincare products. Now she has tried from known skincare product, the much talked about krim arab to drugstore skincare products. Although her biggest skin issue is oiliness but as she ages, she noticed a slight dryness on the cheeks area and noticeable fine lines.

What: A smooth, silky fluid that glides on easily with THPE and active mineral complex. This high-performance tightening agent will increase your skin firmness, improves it’s elasticity and gives skin a visibly lifted look.

First impression on the product: To be honest, I’m not sure what to expect from this serum. I know it claims that it somewhat lifts and tightens your skin, but I hardly notice the difference in the instance that I use it. The good thing is this creamy serum sinks fast into the skin and it makes my skin look fresh.

The writing on the box said that users would feel a slight tingle on their face but I didn’t experience that. I did, however felt a slight tightening on my face when I left the serum on for more than 10 minutes before putting on anything else. Sadly, lately I usually only had less than 10 minutes to do my face so I didn’t really achieve the maximum benefit.

Overall review: I wouldn’t say that this product helps making my face less oily, but it does tackle the dryness on my cheeks. I’m interested to see what happened to my skin when I finish my bottle (since I only have 3 weeks to actually come up with this review). I didn’t experience any discomfort while using this product so it should be fine continuing to use this product.

It’s hard to really experience the benefit of a skincare in just a short time, so for those looking for a quick fix to lift/tighten your skin I don’t think this is the product for you. If you’re always in a hurry to leave the house and only have less than 15 minutes to prep your face to face the world, this is also not for you.

However, if you leave ample of time for this serum to do its magic before applying other skin products, you would definitely feel how this product tighten and lift your skin.

Editor’s note: We agree to what Pia said above that, in order for skincare to really work you need to give it time. There is no such thing as the magic cream that does wonder in short period of time. Since RoC promises to improve your skin appearance instead of simply masking the symtomps you should really give it time to work. This serum does gives immediate lifting affect after you applied it but you will need to use it regularly to enjoy the maximum benefit. Also, the serum needs to be paired up with the moisturizer from the same range, Complete Lift and leave it for the whole night. The moisturizer and serum will complement each other and also nightt ime is the best time to let the serum work because you’re resting so your skin cells are working at its best.