When Fashion and Music Collides

What do you get when you combine fashion and music together? It resulted in Fashion Rocks, a collaboration between young talented Indonesian designers with musical talents organized by Hard Rock FM. The event was held from 15-17 July 2010 where the visitors of Grand Indonesia, Level 1 were accompanied by live performances. However, the opening showcase was held prior to the event on the 14 July 2010.

During the opening showcase, we were entertained by bands such as The Groove, Maliq and D’Essentials, The Trees and the Wild, and Agrikulcture. As well as acoustic performances by Monita Tahalea, Oscar Mahendra and Andre Harihandoyo and Sonic People. These musicians accompanied the collection from KLe, Monday to Sunday, Shinta Handamari, Nikicio and Danjyo Hiyoji.

Hard Rock FM radio announcers were also in attendance that night, they were among the models who walked down the catwalk. There were Iwet Ramadhan, Ayu Dewi, Bayu Oktara, Ary Kirana, Pandji Pragiwaksono, Mario Patrick to name a few. I also saw Teges Prita Soraya the Senior Marketing Communications Manager Grand Indonesia in KLe and Andien wearing Monday to Sunday.

I think this event has shown us how far Indonesian Fashion and Music have come. We’re now wearing products that are made in Indonesia proudly and nowadays radio station are equally airing both local and international musicians equally.


Monday to Sunday

Shinta Handamari