Trends; From Runway to High Street

This week is a hectic week at the office. One of the things that take a chunk of our time is the preparation of Mazda Travel in Style with Mazda2 that will take place this Saturday. It’s our first time organizing such event and since Mazda2 is a stylish car, we don’t want to look less stylish than the car :D

So anyway, thinking about what to wear this weekend makes me automatically think about the latest trends that have zoom zoomed through high street label from the runway. These styles are all over the high street when I went for my Europe trip but I already bought a lot that I didn’t buy anymore, and now I’m kicking myself for not getting my hands on one of these :(


Brought back to you by Chanel. Everyone hated them when they first saw them on the runway but now these wooden-soled shoes are the hottest shoes of the season. The left one is from Jeffrey Campbell and the right ones are from Jessica Simpson. The ones from Jessica Simpson are not my favorites as there are so many better ones out there. I like clogs because they are chunky and sturdy, much more comfortable than stilettos. But I don’t recommend anyone to hit the gas/pedal with these though, unless you’re a shortie who needs the heels to help you hit the pedal ;)

Wide, almost corset-like belt

These can accentuate our curves while at the same time providing support and improving posture and most importantly…give us that stylish touch :D

Satchel Bag

When it comes to bag, there are a few that seem to be everyone’s favorite. The first one is the PS1, flap messenger bag from Proenza Schouler. I love this bag because it gives you the kind of rugged chic vibe. The long strap is useful too to give your hand a rest. Don’t worry if this one breaks your bank because there are many bags that have similar style like this.  The second one is Fendi Peekaboo bag. It’s also short handle and it’s framed, just like your grandma bag. This one is much more sophisticated than the PS1 and since it doesn’t have a flap, it’s easier if you need to reach something when you’re driving. This too can be found in other labels.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Obviously, sunglasses are the ultimate must when you’re driving. These are the latest from Alexander Wang. I rarely splurge on sunglasses as I always seem to lose and break them, so let alone splurging on a very trendy sunglasses like these. So for me, heading to high street labels is just the way to go.

Bucket/Drawstring bag

These bags are sooo adorable. The black one is Vivi bag from Foley + Corinna and the mustard one is Diego bucket bag from Alexander Wang. There’s not much you can bring in this tiny bag, that’s why they are a perfect shopping companion as the bag will be light and won’t be in your way when you’re carrying your heavy shopping bags. Besides, you only need your credit card when you go shopping anyway :D