Vahada and her Dinosaurs Collection

Dina Vahada, an Esmod graduate established her own brand called none other than Vahada. Her line depicted that there’s always two side of everything as symbolizes by her logo; good and bad, men and women, dark and light, rich and poor, near and far, beginning and ending. You can see this portrayal througout her whole collection, from the choice of fabric that she uses – soft and sturdy used at the same time – and the cuts that is both feminine and masculine. She also instilled her childhood memories into her collection, which can be clearly seen from her latest collection Dinosaurs/round.3. It’s pretty hard to pick favourite among all these pastels and earth tone nuance pieces.

I love the outerwear and cape, espescially the Titano jacket, too bad it’s sold out. I’m thinking about the Dino-eye dress that somehow reminds me of the Christopher Kane’s beast t-shirt. But I don’t think I’m that brave wearing the pre-historic creature’s eye on my body.

So my pick fall into the Tricera top, it has a soft grey taupe colour (that will be perfect with my MAC Sweet Sienna pigment :) ), and the cut is very unique and I really like how it falls on the neck area. This top cost Rp 550,000, but I think seeing the complexity of this top, it’s well worth the spending.

If you would like to purchase their items, do visit them at Facebook. They have detailed pictures of their items on their photo albums.

How about you? Do you have any favourite piece from Vahada? Have you seen them before? If you have, we would love to know what you think about them.