Free Facial from Menard up for Grab!

We have another exciting contest and promotion for you. From today, 27 July until 29 july, for Female Daily forum members who answer correctly the contest at the Menard website will get a chance to win 1 voucher (free facial) worth of Rp 220,000.

When you join the contest, under the name textbox, please also include your Female Daily nickname, for instance:

Nama sesuai KTP: Amalia / Deszell

The voucher (free facial) can be redeemed from Saturday, 31 July – Monday, 2 August 2010 at the Seibu Premium Lounge, Grand Indonesia.

During the facial you will get the following services:

I. Free skin check

  • Done by Menard Total Beauty Advisor (MTBA)
  • Skin check that will give you full analysis of your skin condition

II. Free skin consultation with Menard Beauty Advisor

III. Beauty Manual: Learn how to do “Massage at Home” in only 1 minute.

IV. Free Basic Facial

There’s only 3 facial beds available at one time, so you will need to book your session in advance. The Basic facial will last for about 60 to 90 minutes.

The step-by-step of Menard facial includes:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Massage
  3. Lotion
  4. Mask
  5. Cooling
  6. Finishing Care

V. Free basic make over for a day makeup look

For those of you who wonders about Menard Facial, stay tune, because we have a review coming up tomorrow.

Free Voucher for Rp 175,000 Spending!

During the period of 26 to 30 July 2010, Menard also offer Female Daily member a free facial voucher for a spending of minimal Rp 175,000 in one receipt. So you only spend Rp 175,000 to get Rp 220,000 worth of service! But remember the facial can only be redeemed on a specific time, the detail are as follows:

  • Theme: Massage at Home
  • Venue: Premium Lounge Seibu, Grand Indonesia
  • Date: Saturday, 31 July 2010 – Monday, 2 August 2010
  • Time: 10.00 – 16.00 WIB

If you don’t know what to get from Menard, maybe you should try from the very basic one such as makeup. Well who could refuse another tube of beautiful lipstick :)

I’m putting this Menard, One Touch Lipstick on my to buy list. This lipstick is very moisturizing and it’s housed in Menard’s original patented and unique container. It has a button to slide the lipstick up and down, and the cap of the lipstick will open or close automatically when the lipstick glides in or out of the tube. The colour is pretty pigmented and they’re moisturizing. More importantly, it cost Rp 196,600!

Gift with Purchase

During the event, Menard also offers gift with purchase with the following spending:

With the minimum spending of Rp 3,000,000, you will get:

  • Beauness S / Herb Mask / Fairlucent Day Cream
  • Exstretch mask
  • Mini sample Beauness S dan Herb Mask

Also, when you spend more than Rp 4,000,000 you will get:

  • Fairlucent Concentrate White AD dan Fairlucent Clear lotion
  • Mini sample Beauness S dan Herb Mask