Being Bold by Choosing Gold

What do you all ladies think about gold jewelries? People used to associate it with jewelries that only your grandma will use. But not so much anymore now, with more and more Hollywood celebrities being seen with chunky gold jewelries and simple gold pendant. It got me thinking about investing on gold jewelries, because nowadays even the high street labels produce a lot of gold tone accessories. My rationalization is that rather than purchasing several cheap accessories, I might as well invest in one or two items that I like made from real gold. At the end of the day, even though the accessories that you bought are cheap but if you keep buying every other week or month because they break easily, it’s better to pay more for items that will last longer. Gold jewelries, also don’t necessarily mean gold in colours, you have more white gold to choose from now.

Hanzky has previously written about Building a Basic Jewelries Collection and since she was suggesting UBS, the first place that comes to mind is of course that. Like her, I have very limited amount of knowledge regarding gold. So when I know they’re product meets the international standard, I have no doubt at all in stepping into their store.

So my choices are:

1. Simple pendant that I can use on daily basis. It doesn’t need to be to big, but it still have character. Like this heart pendant for instance, even though the size is not grand but I like the interlocking heart design and the combination of Swarovski gives the pendant a lighter character. Choose one colour that suit to your character the best. I’m choosing small sized pendant because I want to treat this like the ‘Carrie Necklace’ that SJP wore throughout the SATC Series, where she would just leave it on every day like it becomes one of her body part and just layer other jewelries on top of it.

And if you want your pendant to be in white gold instead, this Swarovski encrusted pendants looks very light and cheerful because of the colour combination, despite it being showered by a lot of crystals.

2. Necklace for formal event that I can use for both traditional clothing or little black dress. For this kind of occasion I prefer one that has the normal white stone so it can go with any colours. I’m always drawn to the Y-pendant style, because it somehow elongates your neck and therefore gives a glamourous impression to your dress.

3. Chunky bracelet that you can wear to finish up your glamorous look. I think no one can go wrong with bracelet because you don’t need to have the right size. With bracelet, you can collect as many as you want and layer them together with different sizes and styles.

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