The Nautical Sisters

My sister and I are like best friends. Sure, we had our rows just like any siblings do, but whenever something happens, be it funny, silly or sad, I always pick up the phone (or rather, pick up my BlackBerry) and tell her all about it.

We are often on the same wavelength too – she often bought stuff I’ve got my eyes on, or finish each others’ sentences, that kinds of stuff. It happened again last weekend. We went to Ancol for a little family get-together and coincidentally, we both showed up in a nautical-inspired outfit! :)

On me:

  • Naughty Nauticals t-shirt that I got from MAC when still working there
  • Giordano skirt
  • Crocs Alice Work
  • H&M earrings – a present from Hanzky :)
  • Vintage sunnies

On my sister, Leila:

  • Cotton Ink boxer tee
  • Unbranded shorts
  • Crocs Prima
  • Forever 21 sunnies

PS: We spent the afternoon relaxing under the tent by the Carnival beach while the kids were running around and playing in the sand. It was actually really nice! Maybe we should plan an FD gathering there one of these days :D