Unique Indonesia Chiffon Scarf

If you love to shop online, you will be happy to know about this one place we’re about to tell you. Imagine a mega shopping complex, where you have a lot of store so that you don’t have to go to too many place just to find different things that you want. But the place, instead of big expensive shopping centre is located online. So you don’t have to go through the crazy traffic of Jakarta to scour from one mall to the other. The place I’m talking about is Plasa.com, where you can find not only one but many online store in once place! It caters to different type of product, from fashion to food! Truly, shopping made easy.

One of the gem I found at Plasa.com is the below scarf from Unique Indonesia. They sold unique looking scarf made from material such as chiffon adorned with cute details and beads.

This scarf cost for Rp 280,000 (including shipping) and you can purchase it directly at Plasa.com, I think it’s perfect to wear just as an accessories for your casual outfit or to keep your neck warm :)

They have other style as well, you might want to check the Unique Indonesia shop directly to check other scarf.