Dian Sastrowardoyo as L’oreal Paris Brand Ambassador

As L’oreal celebrates it’s second century in its continuous innovation effort in the field of beauty at Taman Ismail Marzuki on 29 June 2010, the brand also announced Dian Satrowardoyo as their first Indonesian Beauty to become the brand ambassador for L’oreal Paris.

Jean-Christophe Letellier, President Director of PT L’oreal Indonesia said that their dedication toward creating breakthrough beauty innovation is a never ending process. Beauty represents universal dream of well being and harmony. Therefore, L’oreal strive to make beauty products accessible to everyone.

Monika Ardianti, also mentioned that their company wants to give a new meaning to beauty to Indonesian women. That beauty is an equal opportunity and it evolves with time. Indarto Supardi, the Senior Brand Manager added that everyone can become beautiful overtime.

L’oreal Paris introduce the idea of beauty attitude, that everyone can become beautiful. Because beauty is not given, it can be nurtured over time. The underlying idea of beauty attitudes emphasizes on building beauty through women’s inner beauty. The message that L’oreal wants to deliver is that with a beautiful attitude a women can become a beautiful figure outside as well because your character shine through you.

Choosing Dian Sastrowardoyo as a brand ambassador for L’oreal Paris is an easy decision. She is a true Indonesian Beauty that represents the value ‘Beauty Attitude’ that L’oreal Paris wants to introduce. Her beauty is evolving, inside and outside. She cared for environment and surrounding as evidenced on her effort with Yayasan Dian Sastrowardoyo that’s trying to give back to the society that has  helped to grow her image and name as big as now. This foundation is a token of appreciation from Dian and her management team by giving a helping hand that’s weighting more on the field of education, issue surrounding women because, at some point in their lives are  mothers or going to become a mother who are going to raise the next generation and lastly culture.

To Dian, a partnership with L’oreal is in line with her value because L’oreal also acknowledge women’s contribution in the field of science as one of their CSR agenda. She mentioned during the press conference how she’s unbelievably honoured when she first found out about the news.  L’oreal has never failed to inspired Dian, meeting after meeting, that’s why Dian accepted right away the appointment amidst her busy schedule to prepare for her wedding at that time.

Dian mentioned that to Indonesian Women, the word beautiful is always associated with long hair and white skin, which is a typical Caucasian beauty stereotype. Beauty needs to be redefined for Indonesian women, and it’s not something impossible because the definition of beauty is not rigid since it always evolves, just like women’s beauty evolves through time. Dian herself has gone through the ‘ugly duckilng’ process, where as a child she didn’t know whether she was beautiful or not. As she grew up, she begun to get comfortable on her own skin. She said, when we’re comfortable on our skin as well as appreciate ourselves the way we are, that is when your true beauty shines.

To take care her hair, Dian uses L’oreal Paris Smooth-Intense to keep it soft, easy to manage and protect its moisture level. More information on the product coming soon.