Mikka So Glamorous!

I’m very sure that my job is almost as hazardous as those circus crew whose tent repeatedly collapsed. We have to choose products that is worthy to be recommended for you and in the process of writing each of those kind of products, we’re most likely also clicking the send button on our email to purchase the item. Very dangerous for our wallet!

This week is the Mikka Glam dress that have asymmetrical cut and loosely fitted. Yes, am currently in love with anything that have loose fit. As we grew older, we learn how to dress more modestly, recognizing the change of our figure *sigh*

The dress seemed to be really comfortable since it’s made from jersey and it cost Rp 165,000.

More styles can be found at www.mynameismikka.com. For more information email to sales@mynameismikka.com or text to +6285624342829.