Fashion in World Cup?

Bet you didn’t think we would write anything about World Cup, did you? :D

I’m no soccer fan although, thanks to the constant pestering from my soccer-loving husband and his soccer-loving family who have turned World Cup matches as family occasions, I did watch and enjoyed a few games. I love how these soccer games bring families and friends together, the ‘nonton bareng’ my sister-in-law has been organizing were so much fun and even if I don’t understand much about the games (okay, I don’t understand it at all!), I had a blast shouting and laughing with the boys. Of course it doesn’t hurt that some of the players are drop.dead.gorgeous. (Hello, Gonzalo Higuain!)

Ahem…anyway…, with the final of World Cup 2010 fast-approaching, and last night’s game being one of the most anticipated match between Germany and Spain, we thought we write a little bit about it.

But of course, this being a fashion blog, we have to bring up the fashion side of this big sport event. What? Fashion and football? Why yes. These two worlds actually have closer links than you might think. If you’ve been drooling over some advertisements of Calvin Klein or Giorgio Armani underwear, you most likely know that some of these football stars have been featured as models. The oh-so-dreamy Cristiano Ronaldo was recently signed by Giorgio Armani to model in ad campaigns for Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans. And of course David Beckham and wife, Victoria, have both walked the runway of the same designer. Swedish player, Freddie Ljungberg, has modeled for CK Underwear as well as Nike, Proctor & Gamble and L’Oreal. Calvin Klein also featured Japanese soccer star Hidetoshi Nakata in his racy X men’s underwear ad campaigns. Nakata has often been seen sitting on the front-rows of major fashion shows.

Cristiano Ronaldo in a Fall/Winter campaign for Emporio Armani

Hidetoshi Nataka for Calvin Klein

Apart from underwear modeling contracts, these soccer stars have also had endorsements from many high-end designers and luxury brands. Italian goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini briefly modeled for Brit designer Vivienne Westwood. Louis Vuitton featured Argentina’s Diego Maradona, France’s Zinedine Zidane and Brazil’s Pele for a advertising campaign for its canvas travel bags to debut just before The World Cup. Vuitton even provided the case to carry the World Cup trophy from France to South Africa and they have reportedly had a contract firmed up for the same thing in 2014.

Dolce & Gabbana even created a new underwear line for Summer called Calcio, which means soccer in Italian! The ad portrayed Antonio Di Natale, Vincenzo Iaquinta, Claudio Marchisio, Federico Marchetti and Domenico Criscito from the Italian team, with nothing more than a pair of briefs *sigh*

The list goes on and on and apparently, the soccer players aren’t the only ones who have eyes for style! Check out the photo of Joachim Löw, head coach of Germany soccer team wearing the Tod’s My Colors Bracelet during the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Quarter Final match between Argentina and Germany at Green Point Stadium on July 3, 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa.

The German soccer team made a special order of My Colours for both the players and the management to accompany and bring luck in their challenge in South Africa. Sadly, these bracelets didn’t help to secure Germany’s place in the final last night.

Okay now that we’ve got 2 teams competing for the finals on 12th of July, this is the question I have to ask you ladies. Which team are you rooting for? The Netherlands or Spain? Do you have any plan to watch the final with friends and family? Do share!

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