The Big Bangs Theory

Since I have received a smoothing treatment on my hair, I entertained the idea of cutting my bangs and turned them into front bangs. I think the last time I had front bangs was 5 years ago. But now that my hair is more straight, I thought the bangs would look better, especially that I intended to have fuller bangs. I don’t know why I suddenly gave in to the idea, maybe I just wanted to give a little quirkiness to my everyday style. I’m not exactly adventurous when it comes to playing with my hair, but I like a fresh change once in a while. It’s just hair anyway, they are bound to grow back. If I don’t like how the bangs turn out, I can always bobby pin it or wear a headband :)

So here’s the picture that I show to Dewo, the hairstylist at Haircode Kemang.

My long side bangs that’s going to get chopped off!!’s chopped..and doesn’t look good being wet and all.

This one was after it’s blown dry.

There you go. The end results doesn’t look too bad like when it was wet. I think I like it although when I look at the mirror, I still find it rather odd that I don’t look like the usual me. But I feel like it gives a little..ehmm can’t believe I’m going to write this word, cuteness (and spunkyness) to my face :D