The Cover Up Story

Thinking of summer immediately I think of long hot sunny summer days and travelling to exotic places. In Colour Your Summer you can read about colourful swimwear for this summer, but sometimes swimwear isn’t enough for a summery outfit. When going to the beach or laying by the pool sometimes you need something quick and easy to put on over your bikini or swimsuit to make it more appropriate for sitting by the bar or strolling along the boulevards of your favourite holiday destination. Here are a couple of options you might like to bring on your next trip…

The maxi dress is my favourite cover up for when I’m sunbathing, be it on the beach or by the pool. I wear it all the time, because it’s very comfortable and still looks elegant. You won’t feel naked when you’re lounging at a poolside bar and it’s perfect for those romantic walks watching the sunset.

Wearing a mini is also an option and, if you’d ask me, it is best worn in a girly and playful way just like the examples below from Victoria’s Secret. Because you’ll already be half naked, you don’t want it to look too sexy or like you’re trying too hard. Just have fun with it!

The short is another great choice. Easy to jump into when you want to run to the ice cream truck and ‘safe’ enough for when you’re doing activities like playing beach volley or cruising the boulevard on your bike. These shorts by Banana Republic are perfect for this summer.

Playsuits are a good alternative for the short if you don’t mind showing of your legs, but still feel a little exposed on top. This season Top Shop has several different ones in their collection, from sophisticated to playful or very girly.

The tunic has always been the classic and sophisticated way to cover yourself up and it still is. Though nowadays, the oversized T-shirt is a more youthful and trendy alternative. Cotton Ink’s boxy tees are a great example.

The sarong is the most versatile item you can bring on your holiday, you just can’t do without it. It can be used in so many different ways, that I have lost count. I use mine as a top, skirt, dress and (picnic) blanket.

So these are my suggestions for cover ups that compliment your summer swimwear look. If you want to add any please share..