Everyday Treatment Tips to Protect Skin Against Pollution from Erhalogy

Skin plays a vital role in a person’s health and also most essential. It’s the first layer of which will mirror your well-being from outside and inside. It’s important to maintain and protect the health of your skin from as early as possible.

We tend to forget about our skin due to our busy schedule. But we demand our skin to be at their prime condition at all times. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? It doesn’t help either that our unhealthy environment, dust and pollution seem to worsen the condition. We’ve heard that pollution cause free radicals, but what does it really mean for our skin? It means that it can ruin skin cells which leads to early sign of aging. The scorching sun just tops up our problem even more!

On the 24 June 2010, Erha Apothecary and Plaza Indonesia held a talk show with Dr. Srie Prihianti, SpKK, Phd discussing about the above topic.

Dr. Yanti mentioned that skin, like any other organ on our body is a live organ. As our age adds up, the condition of our skin will also change. So how do we take care our skin, so that it will stay healthy no matter what our age is. There are four simple steps that you can follow:

  1. Cleanse your face twice a day or maximum of three. Because cleansing it too often will only make our skin really dry since we’re stripping it from its natural oil. Erha offers simple solution with Simply Remove, it’s a gel form cleanser with added moisturizer in it. It’s very practical because you can also use the cleanser dry. Just wipe the  cleanser with cotton pad after you apply it to your face. The cleanser is non-sticky, creamy, and moisturizing. I’m really loving the texture.
  2. Toner to freshen your skin and to restore your skin PH level to it’s normal state.
  3. Moisturize your skin, regardless of your skin condition whether it’s dry or even oily. Because don’t mistake your oily skin condition with it’s state of moisture level. Moisturizer is water based and help balance your skin water level.
  4. Sunblock to protect your skin from the sun. Choose skin care with broad spectrum to protect you from UVA/UVB. One thing that people never notice is that you need to reapply your sunblock every 3-4 hours if you mainly spend your activity indoor. Or every 2 hours for outdoor activity. So how much sunblock do you really need for your face? According to Dr. Yanti a pea size worth of product can cover an area as big as the area of your palm. The Perfect Shield sunblock from Erha offer broad spectrum protection with added Antioxidant and it has a very nice gel formula.

We also need to pay attention in particular to the skin on our eyes area. Early sign of aging can be seen firstly at the skin on the eyes area because they’re very sensitive. For instance, fine lines, eyebags and undereye circle. It’s very important that we take precaution to avoid these symptoms from showing.

Therefore, Erhalogy launched their eye treatment series consist of Active Eye Firmer, Eye Wrinkle Patch and Under Eye Suppressor.

Active Eye Firmer is a cream formulated to help your skin fight the appearance of fine lines and to diminish its appearance.

Eye Wrinkle Patch on the other makes me really excited! I’m totally sold to eye patch products! Its an eye mask designed to diminish the appearance of fine lines in 20 minutes! That sounds too much like a magic work, don’t you think? Well like Cinderalla, the magic always ends at certain times. In the case of this patch, it only lasts for 8 hours.

The Under Eye Surpressor is a gel-like lotion that helps to maintain the suppleness of your undereye – goodbye eye bag! It will also helps brighten your under eye dark circles.

All Erhalogy products can be purchased off the counter from the Erhaclinic networks and Erhalogy stores located at Senayan City, Pacific Place Mall, Istana Plaza Bandung and the newest one just opened at Plaza Indonesia. For more information you can visit their website at www.erhalogy.com.

I know I’m such a late bloomer in realizing how great their product are while the other FDers have raved about it for quite a while on the Female Daily Forum. So reviews on Erhalogy products will definitely come your way soon, because I’m so smitten by their products!