Me & My Mazda2 :)

I’ve been driving everywhere on my own for years and I can say that I actually enjoy doing it. I take public transportation too, but lately, as my activities increase and I have to be at a few different places in one day, driving a car still seems to be the most practical choice for me at the moment. And for practicality reason too, I choose to drive small-sized, city cars, instead of monstrous, gas-guzzling SUVs.

When I was approached by Mazda to be one of their City Stylists for Mazda2, I was of course thrilled! I have seen the car from their website and remembered thinking how cool it will be if I could drive one of those because, not only it is a compact city car, it also looks incredibly stylish!

So, anyway, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to enjoy the Zoom-Zoom experience provided by Mazda2 for almost 2 months now and it has been wonderful. To view my complete (and honest!) testimonial about this car, plus testimonials from other Mazda2 City Stylists, please visit this website.

Even though I’m not the type to brag, I can’t help but showing off the little green beauty that has taken me all over the city (and beyond) in style.

  • GAP shirt
  • Warehouse tiered skirt
  • Toko Dua Amoi flats
  • Earrings from Closet Quickies
  • Spirited Green Mazda2 :D