My HG Lip Product; MAC Lip Conditioner SPF 15

This is the one make up item that never leaves my bag for the past month. I’m content with not bringing other make up for touch up but I will search high and low if this one is missing from its usual place.

I have always been fond of lip stain products, instead of just regular lipstick,  like Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge or Stila Convertible Color. In fact, I broke my lipsticks many times and smashed them into small pots just so I can treat them as lip stain. For me, it’s the convenience that won me over because all I gotta to is to press my finger lightly on the product and smear it on my lips without having to whip a mirror to make sure its even.

I’ve seen MAC Lip Conditioner since a while ago, I don’t know why I didn’t get it right away. But last time when I was in Changi I checked out MAC counter and reached for this product immediately. It’s just one of the products that I know I was going to like it even though I never tried it or read a review about it before. Turned out I was right, I don’t only like it but also LOVE it and now I don’t think I can leave without it…*lebay*.

The texture is creamy and smooth and it has a sweet vanilla smell and tastes good! This thing keeps my lips hydrated more than any lip balm I have ever tried, and I have very dry lips! Aside from keeping my lips moisturized, this lip conditioner also gives them a splash of color and making them look polished. The bonus, it has SPF 15 and can be used on the cheeks too. I’m so getting another color :)

Wearing Gentle Coral