Multipurpose Chubby Stick from ELF

Don’t you just love items or products that can do multiple jobs without having to pay too much? I always give in easily whenever I heard the word ‘multipurpose’ put in the same line with the description of the item I’m about to purchase.

Especially when the tag is put to describe a beauty product! Because a multipurpose product really saves space on my make up pouch. Not too mentio when the price tag is really wallet friendly, like Rp 39,000! Nope, I did not accidentally left out a zero. The product I was referring to is ELF All Over Stick which you can use on your eyes, cheeks and lips. So it’s really simple when you need to do a touch up during the day. This chubby stick will come to your rescue.

The stick is available in three shades: lilac petal, persimmon and pink lemonade. However, currently the ELF Indonesia only have the persimmon shade in stock which is perfect considering the colour is very neutral.

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