Traveling for Winter Weather

Traveling during winter time could be very troublesome, since you will have a lot of things to pack with you. The least that we can do, is to not forget anything essentials to prepare ourselves for a major change from the tropic climate to winter weather. We don’t want our holiday being stalled because of the sudden sneeze that wont stop, do we?

Here’s what I pack for traveling to places that currently entering the winter season:

  1. Light coat if the temperature is still manageable – minimum of 10 degree – which will help you a lot during windy times and drizzling rain. Use thick clothing underneath so you can stay warm. It’s also easier to move in lighter coat.
  2. Warm sweaters or knitwear. I prefer to bring thicker knitwear outerwear compared to thick coats. Because with knitwear you can move more at ease and it doesn’t feel heavy. Secondly, when the weather gets really chilly at night I can wear it to bed :)
  3. Hat for the windy days and light shower. So you don’t have to open and close your umbrella all the time. It’s really annoying when the rain couldn’t decide whether they want to come down or not. When you open your umbrella, the rain suddenly stops and vice versa. Hat is really the easiest solution of all. It can stay in your head, rain or no rain. Plus, you have a reason to shop for hats that you thought you would never have a chance to wear in Jakarta!
  4. Scarf to protect your neck. Because once your neck gets the chill of the winter wind, it will creep up everywhere. On top of that, it’s time to proudly parade your vast collection of Cotton Ink shawls minus the sweat when you walk on the pavement
  5. Flat or low heeled boots to pair up with your dresses or jeans. Also, wearing boots is much more comfortable because it really protects your feet from the chilly wind. It will also help during rainy days, because you don’t have to worry about your shoes getting wet. Choose boots made from real leather and rubber sole for comfort.