Loreal Dream, Dare Yourself to Dream

Dream is one thing that we never stop doing. As we grow old, we work hard to make our dream comes true. Yes, we also learn that not all dream comes true. But that should never stop us from dreaming, be it small or big.

Affi has shared her dream on having her own make up line someday, whereas Amanda shared with us her passion of beautiful lingerie which fueled up her new dream of opening up a lingerie boutique in Indonesia. Now it’s time for you all ladies out there to share your dream in L’oreal Dream Contest because you might have a chance to make you dream comes true.

How? It’s very simple! All you need to do is to register yourself at www.lorealdream.com and write your dream and you will be in the running for Rp 100,000,000 prize to make your dream comes true. You will also need to include the code of your receipt purchase when you submit your entries.

If you have any question regarding the contest you can drop by the L’oreal Dream Contest thread and ask your question directly to the L’oreal representative. To know more about the contest you can also visit their website at the address mentioned above. Also follow their twitter account @lorealdream for an update from them.

There are also other prizes that you can win by entering this contest. They are:

  • Weekly Dreams: Every week, there will be 5 pictures compiled by L’oreal that will be posted on www.facebook.com/lorealdream. You can tag the picture to your friends and drop a comment. The most unique comment and with the most tagged will get a prize of their choice, straight on the following week.
  • Daily Dreams: Get L’oreal products from the White Perfect Series daily by tagging the Daily Dreams photo to as much as your friends and give an interesting comment on the photo.
  • Dream Prizes: Share your random dream to @lorealdream consisting of small wishes to brighten up your day. L’oreal will make the most creative dream comes true at the least expected times.
  • Big Dreams: or in other word the BIG PRIZE! Share your big dream that you would like L’oreal to make it come true by submitting an entry about your dream to www.lorealdream.com and get as much vote as you can.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Rp 100,000,000 is waiting for your dream! The contest ends on 20 July 2010 so you still have plenty of time to ponder on your dream. Make it big and daring, because some dreams do come true!