Welcoming Winter

So I got the chance to wear all my winter clothing again during my visit in Melbourne because unlike the rest of the world (which is currently experiencing summer season), the down under is at the beginning of the winter season. I was very excited that finally the heavy coat and boots got the chance to see the daylight again. Mostly, I was excited that I got the chance to wear my boots again, period.

Wearing knee high boots allowed me to still wear my dresses because I have very few pants other than jeans, and jeans tends to absorb the cold and remain cold. I just combined the dresses with turtlenecks and I also wore legging or opaque tights to make sure that my feet wont freeze. This picture was taken during the final day of my trip so I was already running out of clothes and started to invade the new clothes that I purchase there. The hat is actually my Mom’s purchase but I like it so much because it looks really cute. It was always drizzling there so wearing a hat is always safe. The funny thing about this hat is, during a night out with fellow FDers that stays in Melbourne (bluebelle & imnotplasticbag), me and bluebelle actually wore the same hat LOL. So I took the hat off immeadiately :p

What I wore:

The dress actually have a really nice beads detailing which can be seen on the picture below. And that’s my daughter Raysa with her favourite boots (just because it has cow prints :p ).

This other outfit is what I wore on much more sunnier day. The weather that day was actually beautiful so I could wear lighter clothing and leave the hat at home. Although on the afternoon the weather changed and the rain finally poured down lightly.

I was still wearing the same white boots which I actually purchased 9 years ago and it’s still in a very good condition. I think good quality shoes made from real leather can last you for a very long time. I wipe the shoes clean after each use and before storing it. If it’s a little bit damp I would leave the shoes out and leave the leather breathe for a while before storing them.