La Mer Hydrating Infusion

I bet that when you heard the brand La Mer, the first product that popped into your head is Creme de la Mer. The creme was created by Dr. Max Huber as a byproduct of his extensive research to find a cream that can cure the burn scars caused by an experiment that explode in his face. After 12 years and 6000 experiments, the infamous Creme de la Mer was born. This miraculous invention able to make his skin smoother and supple.

Enter La Mer the Hydrating Infusion that will help prepare our skin to receive and heighten the benefit that your skin will receive from the use of Creme de la Mer. The Hydrating Infusion will soften and moisture your skin prior to the use of Creme de la Mer. The texture is thick liquid that will absorb right away after application. I like the feel of Hydrating Infusion on my skin because it feels really cool on and it instantly freshen it. My skin also feels more supple instantly.

The Hydrating infusion also helps Creme de la Mer to absorb better on your skin. Because the cream is really thick sometime it’s a tad hard to apply it. You need to massage it into your skin for a bit before it really sinks in. Whereas using the Hydrating Infusion helps the cream to blend into your face with ease and I also feel how both products really work well together. Since you already use the Hydrating Infusion, you will need less Creme de la Mer to put on your face.

The Hydrating Infusion is made from a combination of vitamin, mineral tourmaline and hydrating ferments, which is combined with serum in it to create gel-like network to penetrate your skin. The Sea Gel works together with Deconstructer Waters which is made to target directly at your skin remarkable day-to-day activity.

Since I have a very dry skin and sometime dehydrated too, adding the Hydrating Infusion to my skincare regimen really helps to put my skin at ease. I was experiencing cracking skin because of change of weather and after a week usage my skin really recovered from the stress. For oily skin, you can combine this with Gel de la Mer or you can even use it alone if you’re in a hurry. The Hydrating Infusion alone is already moisturizing enough for daily need of your skin.

La Mer Hydrating Infusion is available at La Mer retail counter in Harvey Nichols, Jakarta.