Pourvous: Delicious and Natural Bath and Body Products Made in Indonesia

It was the mammoth that was Inacraft 2010, and Rere and I have been on our feet for more than 8 hours. It was near closing, and as we inched toward the exit, my eyes spied a stall displaying bath and body products.

As I surveyed their stuff, the sales promotion people asked whether we would like a foot treatment. What, after 8 hours on our feet? You bet!

So we proceeded to each sit on their only 2 chairs, rolling our pants up to our knees. We were given  a dry foot scrub, a dab of moisturizer and spritzes of cooling foot spray. It was a little bit of heaven after a long day, and though we sat in those chairs for no more than 15 minutes, when we got back on our feet, we felt a renewed spring in our steps, and were ready to make another turn around the JCC (err, maybe half a turn).

It was the Pourvous stall that had so kindly treated us to a bit of pampering,  and it was definitely an effective promotional move. The company is based in Surabaya and produces natural bath and body products. As I surveyed the stall, I’m happy to report that there are wonderful items worth trying.

And when they say natural, they mean it! Pourvous products are free of parabens,  lanolins, PABA, synthethic colors/dyes, and SLS/SLES.  Ok, that’s a mouthful. You can read their website to check what these mean, or head to the FD Forum Ingredients thread where  savvy FD-ers discuss cosmetics and skincare ingredients at rocket science level, and look up these terms.

Having spent all my cash, I had to borrow some money from Rere to buy the Jasmine Temptation Shower Gel. No suprises there since I LOVE jasmine, and my favorite shower gel in the whole wide world is Flying Fox, from Lush.

I was crushed when Lush packed up and left Indonesia, and practically cherish my little bit of Flying Fox that I use only on those really, really special occasions such as after spending a week in a remote village under hot sun for 8 hours a day, or a day deleting spam posts advertising private islands/plastic surgery/casinos  in the Forum. You know those days.

Pourvous Jasmine Shower Gel is no Flying Fox, but boy is it delicious! The jasmine is green and floral, but not heavy. There is a coolness to it, perhaps due to the green tea extracts in there. In fact, I actually prefer Pourvous’ Jasmine Gel for daily showers, because most days I don’t feel worthy of Flying Fox’s  bucketloads of jasmines and roses and honeys galore. Not to mention Pourvous is at least a fifth of the price of Flying Fox.

I will definitely be getting more items from Pourvous. I already got my member card, entitling me to a 10% discount in addition to free shipping anywhere in Indonesia, with no minimum order! Plus, their website seems to be easy to navigate, and have several  payment options.

I think my next purchase will be the Jasmine Tea Soak and the Strawberry Body Scrub, both of which I remember smelling delicious when I tested them during Inacraft. If anybody’s tried this line, let me know what’s worth trying.

*Pourvous (pur-vu) is French meaning ‘for you'; pictures are from Pourvous website