Bundle Up in Pretty Sweaters

It has been rather chilly these past few days, hasn’t it? I am constantly finding myself in need of a pashmina or sweater during the day to keep me warm. I also tend to push the light, flowy blouses I have to the back of my closet and reach for clothes with thicker materials.

I was browsing around some online shops today and found this chic sweater from Kireina fashion.

It looks perfect for this weather! I have to see it in real life, but from the pictures, it looks like the material is not too thick but still warm enough for those rainy evenings where I have to sit in my car for hours in traffic. Plus, the detailing on the sleeves makes it look rather more interesting than some plain ol’ sweaters.

These sweaters are available in black, white and purple and the best part? They’re only Rp. 165.000  a pop!