Sunsilk Co-Creations

Sunsilk launched their new hair treatments which are co-created with seven world renowned hair experts on 2 June 2010. Other than the media gathering in the afternoon they also held a really cool party during the night.

Sunsilk launched seven different varieties that day and Thomas Taw, one of the co-creators of this new line, was also present to explain more about the products and the process in creating the line. Taw explained that this line was co-created by the 7 chosen experts with Unilever product development team in Liverpool. He emphasized that the 7 co-creators are not merely endorsing this line but they really did solid research to perfect Sunsilk former product formulation.

Chris Oey, Senior Brand Manager Sunsilk, said that these experts were chosen by Sunsilk because they have excellent reputation and remarkable capabilities on each of their areas of expertise. He also explained that Sunsilk work hard in making sure that the best hair products can be made available to general public (and not solely exclusively to expensive hair dressers) because he said that you can not go wrong with haircare. Once you start your day with a bad hair, it will practically ruin your whole day. Therefore there’s a growing need to make sure that good quality hair treatments are available easily for women.

Jamal Hammadi & Thomas Taw

We’re also lucky enough that one other co-creator of this line, Jamal Hamadi visited Jakarta a while back and made some time to talk with fashion bloggers during a gathering that Fashionese Daily hosted.

Also present at the launch was Julie Estelle, the brand ambassador for Sunsilk, who mentioned that she found this new product line really useful for her, who always changes her hairstyle every so often due to her job demand. She also mentioned that every product line has a creambath product which is really simple to use so she doesn’t need to go to the salon for a creambath. All she needs to do is spare 5-10 minutes of her time at home to make sure that she gives that extra care that her hair needs. Also available in each of the product line (other than the usual shampoo and conditioner) is a leave-in conditioner where you can just use the conditioner without needing to wash it.

The seven co-creators of this line are:

  1. Dr. Fransesca Fusco, hair fall and scalp expert. Co-Creations products: Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution, Sunsilk Anti-Dandruff and Sunsilk Clean & Fresh.
  2. Jamal Hammadi, shine expert. Co-Creations product: Sunsilk Black Shine.
  3. Teddy Charles, shape expert. Co-Creations products: Sunsilk Straight & Sleek and Sunsilk Bouncy Curls.
  4. Thomas Taw, dry and damage expert. Co-Creations products: Sunsilk Damaged Hair Treatment and Sunsilk Soft & Smooth.

And the three other experts which are also involved in creating this new product range but the range are not available in Indonesia are Yuko Yamashita (straight hair expert), Ouidad (curls expert) and Rita Hazan (colour care expert).

So here are few tips that Thomas Taw shared during the launching:

  • If you can still see the shine in your hair that means that your hair is still healthy so you don’t need to worry :)
  • To check whether your hair is damaged or not the easiest way is to run your finger through your hair. At the part where you start to feel resistant from the hair for your fingers to run smoothly is where the damage started. Make sure that you give enough nourishment on that part because the farthest part of the hair from the scalp is the part where it has less nourishment.
  • Don’t rub towel into your hair after you wash it because it will break your hair. Twist your hair and let the water drip naturally.
  • If you need to wash your hair every single day, make sure that you’re using the right product for your hair. If you are, you don’t need to worry that you’re damaging your hair.

And as for the party, why don’t we just let you see the photos & watch the video here :)

Maliq and d’essentials and Ello at the same stage :)