Linen, the Summer Favourite

Linen could possibly be one of the most perfect fabric for our summer all year round weather. This fabric is durable and breathable, thus makes it perfect to be used on hot weather condition. It is very light and comfortable as well! Great news is that this kind of fabric dries quickly and meant to have slightly wrinkle worn in look. Which makes it as one of the must-bring item for traveling :)

Banana Republic has just introduced their linen collection recently which consist of staple items such as tie waist pants and boyfriend shirt. These two items looks loosely fitted and has that effortlessly chic feeling to it. Everytime I pass by the Banana Republic store which displays the full collection of the linen collection, it always transported me to a sunny place with beautiful surrounding and I start imagining for another holiday.

Well if I can’t have another holiday anytime soon, I still can get the tie waist pants :)