Smoothing Away The Frizz!

When I posted on my Twitter that I was going to get a smoothing, I received many remark. “But you have straight hair?!”. Well yeah if you saw my hair on today’s outfit post or meet me during one of the gatherings, of course my hair was straight, I made a pit stop to the hair salon beforehand :P

The reality was, my hair was frizzy, dry, wavy, out of control and other things you don’t want to associate with your hair. Tired with the frequent trips to the salon and frustrated with my blow drying skill that didn’t seem to improve, I decided to flatten it and said by to the frizz.

The picture below is my hair just before I got it done. Sorry if it grosses you out :p, especially that the roots have started to grow! The stylist refused to smooth it and color it at the same time because it will further damage my hair really bad.

By the way, this was the second time I had the process done. First time was in 2008, but my hair was really short at that time. So I expected this process to be a little bit longer.

Okay, so first thing first. I went to Irwan Team PIM because that was where I got it done the first time, so they have my file, they knew the percentage of chemical used, the condition of my hair, etc. First thing they did was to examine my hair and check the strength of my hair to figure out the level of chemical that they were going to use.

At 4 o’clock, they started by shampooing my hair to get rid of the oil and dirt. A Kerastase vitamin was injected to better prepare it for the grueling process. After my hair was dried, the smoothing product was applied. If you notice on the right picture, he didn’t apply it all the way to the roots. He left about 0.5 cm from the root so my hair doesn’t get too flat. I was surprised that the product didn’t smell as bad as when I got it done the first time, in fact it smelled kinda nice.

At about 4.30, all product was applied on my hair. He wrapped it up with a clear plastic and steamed it for 15 minutes. Sometimes, he checked the elasticity of my hair. If it can be stretched that means the product has gone to the hair shaft. After that, I went back to the wash room to get my hair washed.

Getting it dried again. Look, my hair is even frizzier now..:D

At 5.10 they began to straighten my hair with a straightening iron.

And just when I thought it was done…another product was applied. If I’m not mistaken, this time was the neutralizer and after it was all applied, they left it like that for a good ten minutes.

After the ten minutes was done, of course I headed to the wash room again for rinsing. It was already 6.40 at that time. Another vitamin was applied thoroughly and then my hair was wrapped in what it looked like a shower cap but was actually an ozone steam.

When the Ozone steam was done, it was rinsing one more time and they blowed my hair naturally. Voila! My hair has transformed to straight hair that don’t look like it was chemically processed

Getting a smoothing was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life :D It saves me from a bad hair day. It saves me money and time. I haven’t been back to the salon just to get a blow dry. I now just have to wash it at home and let it dry naturally and it will look close to the picture above. Granted it needed money to save money but in total, the IDR 1.200.000 I paid will be less than the total money I would have to spend had I didn’t get the smoothing done. There are other places that charge less than that, but since it’s a process you can’t undo, I decided to pay extra for a more professional hair salon. Besides, they already have my record on file and overall it was just convenient for me to go there.

The only complain was Irwan Team PIM doesn’t have a good reception. Telkomsel went dead inside it and even my Smart modem couldn’t find a signal :( Good thing I brought my book and I was close to finishing it by the time I was done :D