Accesorizing your Holiday Outfit

It’s very hard when you’re traveling to refrain yourself from bringing too much clothing. You always think that you will need different outfits for different occasions. Accessories are actually the simplest things to use to change your outfit from ‘normal’ to spectacular. So instead of bringing too much clothing with you this holiday season, you now have an excuse to purchase new accessories to bring with you instead.

My first choice is these bamboo string earrings, that instantly steal the limelight because the shape is so unique and the colour is really vibrant. It only costs Rp 75,000, so you hardly need an excuse to snatch these up. Available on the Deluc website, these earrings are also available in other colours.

The next item I’m going to buy to accessorize my outfit is the Twinkle + Sparks ‘Not Too Preppy‘ necklace which can be worn in two ways – long and short – so I can use it for clothing with different types of collars. I like the colour combination of the semi-precious stones used in this necklace, so it doesn’t restrict you from choosing your outfit in a certain colour palette. The gold plated bow with sparkly crystal rhinestones finishes the necklace beautifully. You have to order this necklace though to purchase it. Visit Twinkle + Sparks blog to order this necklace so you can bring it with you on your holiday :)