The Edgy Side of Me..

Yea, like I have one? :p. The word edgy and I certainly don’t belong in the same sentence. The shoes, the top and the color of the bag as well as the color of the skirt have the potential for an edgy style, but I just had to wear grey skirt with ruffle to make it feel more ME..:D. I can’t even pose fiercely to make it look a bit dramatic.

But it’s fun to try anyway. Although I know I won’t stand a chance to win the IDR 3,000,000 Metro voucher if this was for the Metro Fashion Fling outfit contest. Have you checked out the submitted photos?

Top: Rampage. Available at Metro
Skirt: (X)SML. Also available at Metro
Shoes: Toko Dua Amoi
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff