Splurge Vs Steal : Clutch & Satchel

I’m sorry I’m talking about bags again :D. For the past week my weakness for bag has been at its lowest that I snatched two bags. None of them is designer bag obviously :P. In our forum, there’s a never ending discussion about replica bags vs the authentic ones. We don’t endorse counterfeit items (the ones that pretend they are the real thing) here but like I’ve said before, it’s getting challenging to get a bag that doesn’t resemble a designer item. And sometimes, we just like the style but cannot afford the high ticket item so we go for the lower end brands with style similar to the ones we like.

I found this Jimmy Choo lookalike clutch the other day at Metro from Ananas. Most of the time, I can justify spending more on designer bag, but clutch is something that we don’t use often, so I rather skimp on clutch.

Splurge – Jimmy Choo Ramona Clutch Rp 14,000,000 VS Steal – Ananas Clutch Rp 159,000

Splurge – Prada Boston Bag Rp 15,0000 VS Steal – Gobellini Boxy Satchel Rp 1,500,000

Look at how awfully similar those two bags are in terms of style! If not for the little metal thing in front, we wouldn’t know the difference, would we? Both are made out of leather too, so I bet in won’t be too much of a difference when it comes to quality.

Do you own any item that is a steal version of an expensive one? Tell me!