Dare to be The Dreamer in You

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

This is true in any case, as also in mine. As some of you may already know my big dream in fashion is starting my own lingerie boutique right here in Indonesia or even having my own line, but it didn’t start out with this dream. Before this I have had many dreams…

It all started out when I was about 11 years old. Close friends of mine were already doing some modeling on the side. They were a bit older than me and I looked up to them. When they started saying modeling could be something for me, at that time I was as skinny as a stick, I started dreaming of a modeling career. From a young age I have been fascinated with fashion and I thought modeling could be my way in. Thank god for my parents, who didn’t exactly supported the dream. They were afraid the modeling business would eat me alive and now, looking back on it, I think they were right. What’s even worst, can you imagine not eaten all of the good stuff and having to diet all the time? I can’t!

So I started dreaming a different dream. My grandmother instilled her love for drawing in me. So as I loved drawing from a young age and was always sketching my dream outfits, after high school I started dreaming of a career as a fashion designer. I even applied for AMFI, Amsterdam Fashion Institute, but didn’t get accepted. My dream was shattered, but I also knew this dream was out of my league. I didn’t have the proper training and education to actually follow this dream. I accepted it and went on with my life as it was.

I started studying International Marketing, as I have always had the dream to live in Indonesia, and had a part-time job at Zardonni Lingerie back in the Netherlands. This is the place where my dream was born. Working in this enchanting place with all of this gorgeous lingerie fueled my dream of one day having this for myself. When I got the chance to come to Indonesia for this internship with Fashionese Daily, it finally looked as if some of my dreams were about to come true. Working for Fashionese Daily has stilled my hunger to be in the industry. It feels like, for me, it is just the right place to be now. In the future I will seriously be considering starting something of my own, for now it is still just a dream I am working on.

The moral of this story?

Never give up on your dreams and, even more important, never give up on dreaming. I believe that we are the ones to make our dreams come true. We have to believe in ourselves enough to dream a big dream. Dreams are the fuel of life. Even though I have had many dreams, that didn’t all came true, I still feel the same passion with every dream. So, yes, I am that dreamer. What about you?