Banana Republic Live in Chino Event Report

This post is so long overdue, thanks to my crashed hard disk, I have to wait for it to get it repaired to access the million images I have inside. And even though we all have been chinofied and a convert to Chino, I still can’t get enough and still happily report the event for you.

As you can see in the pictures above, aside from me, Affi and the MC, Rahma Ummayah are the three winners of the chino contest. One is Bernarda, the most voted winner and the other twos are no stranger to Fashionese Daily, Chekka and Dhyta Purplerebel who each grabbed one million worth of Banana Republic voucher. The picture below are some of the hosts for the event. Too bad the others came in late and not all of them wore Chino. Izabel Yahya, the editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar, looked amazing with her chino dress, pregnant and all.

Below are some of the models who showed us the different styles you can create with such basic and classic item that is chino.

Some of the fabulous Fashionese Daily girls.

The winners, chosen by Banana Republic Team. Can’t agree more with the judges decision.

All in all, it was a fun afternoon. We all got to spend our voucher. I got to spend IDR 250,000 voucher and used it to get a pair of grey pants. Food and drinks were overflowing, the girls looked pretty with their chino clothes and shopping just seemed so much more relaxing with the free vouchers and the sound of music in the background, courtesy of DJ Shawn.

Me, happily browsed around the store to find item to redeem the voucher :D.

Amanda, who accumulated the post point and entitled for IDR 700,000 worth of Banana Republic voucher.

The store was buzzed with so many shoppers that day, and of course we took pictures of the stylish guests to share them to you in our styletracker page. To end this post, we want to thank Banana Republic for the exciting contest and event. Looking forward to team up with them again in the coming days :)