Are You Delightfully Dreamy or Eclectically Edgy?

So, have you uploaded your pictures at to have a chance of winning Metro voucher worth of IDR 3 million? If not, you have until June 5 to participate.

The outfit worn in the pictures you’re going to upload don’t have to come from Metro department, (Aren’t they so generous?). But when I went there the other day, I asked for a permission to take pictures of items that I thought match with the theme of the contest to give you more ideas. So in case you want to buy something from there especially for the contest, you know what to look for :)

BYSI has got to be one of my favorite brands from Metro. Those clothes hung on the wall perfectly fall into the delightfully dreamy category. The necklace in the second picture is from Glo. Glo has a nice range of jewelry and accessories. I’m wearing its silver wing with a tiny turquoise stone on it when I type this :D Even though Glo is one of Metro house brands, you can’t find it inside the store. It has its own freestanding store in PIM 1, right next to Charles & Keith.

I love classic silk/chiffon tie-neck blouse like this. This is from Coope, IDR 389,000

Mila is one of my favorite brands too, I’ve always liked their bags. Too bad the bag I was eyeing was gone when I took this picture. The tanktop is IDR 359,000 while the gray bolero is IDR 329,000 and the pants IDR 299,000.

While the clothes up there are on the romantic side, the clothes below here are the dark, or the edgy side.

These ones are from Coope. I like clothes that don’t ‘scream’ but have characters or little details that make them standout.

Acid wash pants from Mood, IDR 349,000. I fell in love with the blazer from similar print. You’ll see it in my next today’s outfit picture. Mood has the edgiest collection among other brands.

Ananas mesh clutch, IDR 729,000. Debbie Dunia Dandan will snatch this in an instant :D

Now that I’ve shown you everything I could find in Metro, it’s your turn to dress up accordingly and join the contest! Point your mouse to