An Afternoon with Jamal Hamadi

On 9 May 2010, the Fashionese Daily team hosted a blogger meet-up at Kemang Icon hotel, where we had the chance to met with the hair stylist who literally mess with Sharon Stones head and responsible for Linda Evangelista chameleon hair style, the one and only Jamal Hamadi.

We were so excited to meet fellow fashion and women bloggers because we’ve been following their blogs but never met some of them in person. We sent out invitation to about 30 bloggers and among those who showed up were Cheyqua from, Heidi from, Nuniek from, Leonita from, Yuri from, Desy from and Bethanny from you for coming girls! :)

We were also very honored to be able to spend a wonderful afternoon with Jamal Hamadi, who is a world-renowned hairstylist whose work have been featured on the covers of British Vogue, British Elle, Vanity Fair and many more. He also has a line of hair care and hair styling products called Hamadi Beauty, with a tonge-in-cheek tagline “Tested on actresses, Never on animals” which he said is based on a true story with Heather Graham! :D

During the session, Jamal Hamadi shared with us many useful tips which we tweeted during the session. In case you didn’t catch our tweets, here are Jamal’s tips for healthy hair:

  1. Never set your curling iron (or any styling iron) on the highest temperature because it will only ruin your hair in the long run.
  2. Always moisturize your scalp and hair because if your hair is having the moisture it needs it will stay healthy no matter how often you colour it.
  3. If your hair is a bit thin on top, get a thick bang to create fuller illusion.
  4. Tea tree essential oil works best to fight dandruff. For more information on what other ingredients are best suited for your hair condition, please click here.
  5. Never use metal brush as it will create static, use wooden brush or static free brush for best result.
  6. When you’re styling your hair, use big round brush for smoother result. Using smaller brush will only give bubbly and bouncy result.
  7. For perfect hair colour, try one tone lighter from your eye colour. Jamal also suggested to colour just few shades lighter from your natural hair colour. Never go too light too fast.

And of course Jamal also mentioned that for 2010, the hairstyle trend is pixie cut and short hair with lots of layers. So if you’re planning to cut your hair short, this might be just the perfect time.

All in all, it was a fun and very informative gathering. We hope we could host another event like this soon and meet even more women in the blogosphere!