Essential Shoes Every Woman (And Man!) Should Have

There’s no such thing as too many shoes in a woman’s dictionary. But there are the essentials, no matter how many shoes you already have, that need to be present in your closet. Or maybe if you are in a situation where you’re just starting to build up your shoes collection and left wondering which shoes are the must-have styles.

The list can be endless, after all we women are known for our weakness over shoes. But we can start with five categories and while we’re at it maybe we will throw a couple of recommendations on the men shoes to match yours.

I. Classic Shoes

Manas Lea Foscati & Paco Gil

If you’re writing about the essentials related to shoes, the classic looking one sits at top of the list. However normal they look like, the classic black and nude pumps will always be your fail-safe. The shoes can be either closed round pumps or open toes.

For black pumps, I choose this pair of Manas Lea Foscati because even though they are black, they are made out of python textured leather. They leave no ‘normal’ impression at all and the heel height is just perfect that you can use them for meeting with clients to evening parties.

On top of that, you will also need a pair of nude shoes because there are times when black is just too harsh for your outfit. The cork heels on the Paco Gil sling-back add a nice touch to otherwise dull looking shoes. The nude color will suit just about any color of your outfit.

Cesare Paciotti

We thought that this Cesare Paciotti shoes would be a nice choice for your man to match your classic looking shoes. You don’t have to doubt the quality of this Italian made shoes (because we’re sure that men will worry more about the quality of their shoes than the style itself).

II. Wedges and Casual Shoes for the Weekend

JFK & Leopoldo Giordano

For the weekend, you might want to opt for shoes that are more comfortable so that you can do the weekend errands with ease. The wedges are probably the most reasonable choice as they are high in heels but do not cancel out the comfort aspect. If you want to get a pair that will take you from this season to the next, go for a neutral pair. Like this pair of Leopoldo Giordano made from fine-looking buttery leather, don’t they look oh so sumptuous?

As an alternative, since it is after all the weekend footwear, you want to search for something that looks a little bit more on the fun side. We choose these cork wedges by JFK because they are a great fit for the weekend outfit, be it a sunny dress or just a pair of jeans.

Pataugas & Tretorn

If you really want to avoid the heels during the weekend, these casual shoes above will be a great choice. We love how the details on these two shoes made it look like you put some effort when choosing the shoes. Also, we never really thought that yellow shoes for men could look this good without being cheesy.

III. Show Stopper Shoes

Cesare Paciotti & Lattitude Femme

These are the pair of shoes that you take out once in a while when you want to be the center of attention. The shoes that instantly make a statement by themselves even though you’re wearing the simplest outfit.

Somehow we always relate shoes that fall into this category with towering heels. We couldn’t stop staring at these shoes because even though the colors seemed to be safe but the style will definitely grab everyone’s attention.

IV. The Everyday Flats

The flats are the comfort zone for your feet and ballerina flats are the crème of the crop when it comes to flat shoes. We just realized that both of the flats that we choose are purple in color. Well, what can we say? :)

Ballerina flats from Pretty Ballerinas have a beautiful rounded shape so they look sweet with whatever outfit you choose. For rainy days, Kartell jelly flats would be the perfect pick.

V. The Pretty Sandals

You can’t renounce the importance of sandals. They are essentials because once in a while we want to let our feet breathe the fresh air. There are so many to choose, some are even too pretty to be worn.  This pair of Hookipa has bow and metal details in just the right amount. Since we only plan to get a pair of sandals, so what better option for color than tan? Also, we found a pair of matching flip flops made of leather for men. They of course don’t look as pretty as the women’s, but they are less bulky than the regular men shoes :).

If you’re unfamiliar with any of the brand we mentioned above and don’t know where to get them, you’d be happy to know that the entire shoes collection can be found in Linea shops in Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah Mall 2 and Saberro House Kemang.