Are You Ready for METRO Fashion Fling Outfit Contest?

I am sooo excited to inform you about this contest that I am at a loss for words! I feel like going home and rummage through my closet now to find clothes that will fit for the contest. You wanna know what it is? Here’s the deal..

Metro department store wants to enlighten you that its latest collection has two different themes. One is delightfully dreamy and the other one is eclectically edgy. Now it’s your pick to choose which one are you, you can post outfit picture of you with delightfully dreamy look, or you might feel fierce and want to show the world the eclectically edgy side of yours. Better yet, why don’t you take as many outfit pictures as you like using inspiration from either or both of the themes for a chance to win IDR 3,000,000 worth of METRO voucher!

Delightfully Dreamy Vs Eclectically Edgy

That’s right, 3 million rupiahs will be given to the lucky winners!

Notice I said winners, with s? Yup, three lucky participants will be picked. Two will be picked by Metro Fashion Department and one more prize is for the most voted winners. Ask as many people as possible to vote for you!

And that’s not all because we will also have daily winner. From today through June 4, one person each day will be picked to win IDR 100,000 voucher (t&c applied). You don’t have to participate in the contest to be picked as daily winner as long as you login to the microsite with your Twitter/Facebook account and do something there. Either by giving a rate to uploaded pictures or by commenting on them. Easy breezy!

So what are you waiting for? Go on to the microsite, dig through your closet, wear the clothes, look your best, take pictures and upload them already! Click here! Don’t forget to explore the microsite and fill out your profile so we can get to know you better.

In case you need a cheat sheet, here’s a clue. For delightfully dreamy: think girly and feminine items, chiffon or silk fabrics, womenly colors like pink, purple, yellow, floral patterns, eyelet, skirts, flowy cut, pretty heels and anything that make you feel ladylike.

Eclectically edgy would be achieved with something, obviously black or gray, leather, something studded, something structured,  pagoda shoulder, zipper accent, gladiator shoes, cuff bracelet, legging,  anything dark and rather gothic-y. Good Luck! :))