Abigale Gone Blue

Do you always carry so much load on your shoulder because your bag is just so big that you think you can fit the world into it? Well, I must admit that I’m very guilty of that crime. It makes me think about getting medium-sized bag that still can carry a lot and not just act as an accessory that I can only fit a lipstick and credit card into it.

My pick falls into the blue Janeville bag called Abigale which is as lovely as the name. A simple structured flap bag, which looks small at first but actually it is medium in size. It has a nice touch of caramel that is contrasted with the cobalt blue and just enough to make it sweet. This bag is also available in cream with lavender detail, but I would still prefer the blue one. Cream bag are harder to maintain as it’s really easy to get stained.

This particular bag is from their Fall/Winter 09 Collection, which some of the products have been sold out. So you better pick your favourite bag from this collection fast before it’s completely sold out. I’m still mourning over the Janice Bag with the skull design that isn’t available anymore.

Abigale cost Rp 435,000 and can be ordered through www.janevillebags.com.

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