Revlon DoubleTwist Mascara

What, another mascara review? Why yes! At FD, as long as beauty brands keep coming up with new mascaras, we will keep reviewing them!:)

This is the latest release from Revlon and even though it’s been launched for more than a month, we still receive questions about it in our forum and through Twitter. So I decided to give it a try and write a review for you.

Revlon DoubleTwist Mascara promised massive volume and remarkable definition thanks to its specially created wand that combines a thickening brush and a separating comb. The first thing I saw when I opened the tube for the first time was: wow, it’s huge!

Anyway, let me try to capture my experience in using this mascara in a pros and cons style.

What I don’t like about this mascara:

  • The size of the brush makes it a bit hard to reach the little lashes on the inner corners of my eyes
  • It’s a bit hard to control too, you can’t use this mascara when you’re in a hurry, it’ll leave a mess
  • The wand tends to pick up way too much product, which is a shame. But you simply need to wipe it off on a tissue to remove the excess.

What I do like about this mascara:

  • The slightly angled wand provides a comfortable position to apply the mascara
  • Even though it is waterproof, this mascara is very easy to remove, unlike other waterproof mascaras I’ve tried which still leaves traces of products even after I thoroughly cleanses it.
  • It doesn’t deliver massive volume on me, but it does a great job separating my lashes and defining them.

And because of that last point, I’m going to decide to keep using Revlon DoubleTwist mascara. It doesn’t provide a ‘dramatic’-looking lashes, but I’m happy enough with the result as an ‘everyday’ mascara.

Revlon DoubleTwist Mascara is available in all Revlon counters nationwide.

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