Nokia N900: Is it a Phone? Is it a Computer?

Ladies, let me introduce you to my latest…errr…what do I call this smart & sleek looking thing? I normally would call my phone as toy. But to call Nokia N900 a toy would be an insult. I’m hesitant to call it a phone too because I believe it’s a computer first then phone second. Yes, a handheld computer!

Why do I call it a computer? Because I can browse on multiple browsers with a full web-experience on its 800 x 480 pixel screen. And since the browser is based on Firefox, it supports flash and video, among others. It can also be  extended with add-ons.  N900 ability to run multiple desktops is what wowed me over in the beginning. With it, I can run as many applications as I want like listening music while replying my emails. Switching between application is seamless, which is a dream come true for a multitasker like me :D

Oh, I’m also especially excited that it has radio. For someone who doesn’t have a radio at home, this is very useful. Especially now that we have join program with KIS FM (Don’t forget to listen to it every Tuesday – Friday at 8.15 AM).

The social networking ability is also awesome. It has built in Facebook and Twitter application and  supports any kind of messengers from YM, MSN, even IRC :D as well as Skype. Video calls can be made through Google Talk.

Well, I don’t think I have to explain it further about its performance and technology. There’s no contest, it is a phone with the most high-end technology. I haven’t explored the too sophisticated application of this phone yet, geared for the real technology enthusiast. I was kind of intimidated with this phone at first, but turned out, it’s pretty intuitive. Or maybe I just didn’t give myself enough credit LOL

Ok, let’s talk about the camera. We, ladies need it for our FOTD and Today’s Outfit pictures, or to take pictures of our meals and upload it into ‘Food for the Soul Album’ in Facebook. The camera is 5 MP, so it puts my old phone camera t0 shame. It can crop and edit too, which is a bliss.

The calendar feature is also nice, but you know what’s even nicer? The fact that I can access my Google Docs. I can even add and edit on my Google Calendar!

There it is, a review on my latest device. Of course, it’s not all what it can offer yet, I still have a lot to explore.