MBMJ SS 2010 Fashion Show

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2010 collection is about all the things that was good and combined together to create something even greater. In this collection you can see everything that what was once a trend. From zipper and studs to checkered and polkadot, you have it all in this collection. The jacket maintained its status as a wardrobe staple, along with high-waisted pants and skinny jeans. On top of that you will see the latest addition of tribal prints.

What was great about this collection is that Marc Jacobs brought together these elements and clashed them into a single collection, and even more he played with putting different colors into a single outfit.

Seeing this collection, I think the jeweled colors are going to be big this season. Colors such as amethyst and mustard yellow will be refreshing to see, but green will most likely be the best of them all. You can also see summery colors such as fuchsia, neon yellow and green in this collection.

This collection feels very much youthful and energetic. Which is what we all need in our lives and closet, the feeling of great summer all year around.  The fashion show was opened by the band, Santamonica, which went along perfectly with the spirit of this collection.

My favorite: the oversized sunglasses and studded chunky heels to complete the outfit.