The Multi Way Dresses

In times of crisis (or finding the right justification to shop during black period), the multi way dresses seem to be the perfect solution. I come across many dresses or other apparel that can be used in more than one way or style. It’s perfect since with only investing on one item you can get many uses from it. All you need is your own creativity to twist and turn the dress around to create different style. Usually this kind of dresses or apparel came with instruction on how to use them on different styles. Of course since it is supposedly multi way, the possibility is limitless and there’s always someone out there creating new styles from the same item.

Just a word of advice, don’t give up on your first try. It may take several tries before you really master the way of these dresses. Do your homework on the label’s website explaining how to achieve different styles or browsing through the different pictures to know the different possibilities of how to wear these dresses.

Here are our top three picks:

  1. Nikicio Signature Dress, available on knee and maxi length with various materials. Prices are varied according to length and material, starting from Rp 299,000.
  2. Available from Tribute at Jl Wijaya 9 or Nikicio Webstore.

    Nikicio’s blog also post a video on how to wear this signature dress, step-by-step for your guidance. Visit Nikicio’s thread on our forum to discuss with other FDers on how to wear this dress.

  3. Cotton Ink Neptune Dress, a convertible maxi dress with 2 long straps, available in 2 length – knee & maxi – and sold for Rp 215,000 and Rp 250,000 respectively.
  4. Available from Cotton Ink Web Store. For ideas on how to wear the Neptune Dress visit

    Also visit Cotton Ink’s thread on our forum to share ideas on how to wear this dress.

  5. American Apparel Le Sac Dress, summer dress with length that can be adjusted according to your preference. Available in wide range of colors. Sold officially at American Apparel Website for$38.
  6. To purchase yours, visit Belovaldi’s store at FD Market Plaza for Rp 450,000.

*Photo courtesy of American Apparel, Cotton Ink & Nikicio