Blending of Eyeshadow on the Crease Area

Blending seemed to be the “IT” word when talking about eye makeup. You can have the best eye makeup products in the world, the unthinkably lovely colours of eyeshadow, and the most expensive tools but when not used correctly all of them become useless.

There are only two tools other than your normal eyeshadow brush (used for applying eyeshadow) that you need to have in order to achieve flawless blending on the crease area. To place the eyeshadow on the crease area you can use brushes that looked like a pencil such as MAC 219 that are usually small in size with short and dense bristles. Usually for the crease area and outer v of the eyes, darker eyeshadow colours are chosen to create more definition on these areas. Do not be afraid if the differences in colours are too obvious when you first applied it with the pencil brush because we only want to place the product not to blend it yet.

To blend the different eyeshadow colours and to make it evenly blended, take your blending brush such as MAC 217 or MUS Blending brush. In circular motion, brush your tool lightly over the two different colours to make it evenly blended. It may take a while to make the different colours to blend nicely but your patience will pay off. Do not stroke too hard as it will wash all the colours into a single shade.

The result is like this picture below of perfect gradation between different colours and you can’t see where one colour ends and the other begins.