Heeled Rain Boots

Never thought I would buy a pair of wellies. They’re sloppy, period. I used to wear them back in 1975, but I was a toddler!

Only lately I realized that some rain boots have heels. And this is what gives you a stylish look eventho you’re wearing some rubber on you feet. Sloppy no more!

DKNY (source: splendora.com): All-gear heels, reminds me of military boots.

Pucci (source: couture.zappos.com): Heels in contrasting color.

Unknown brand (source: 4.bp.blogspot.com): Stiletto

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa (source: betterinboots.com): Booties.

Paul Smith (source: shoetube.wordpress.com): Kitten heels

Tommy Hilfiger (source: rainbootswomen.com): Wedge

I was wearing Dav Floral Rain Boots today and people stopped me to give me compliment on how cute they were. Forgive the no-makeup look and out-of-bed hair. Hujan bikin males ngapa2in :D

I  A-D-O-R-E  the vintage look. Doesn’t the floral print remind you of your grandma’s enamel thermos ?

(Thermos pic source: thatvintageshop.com.au)