BB Craze: Review Part 1

If you haven’t already, please read BB Craze: Part I and BB Craze: Part II.

My skin specs for reference:

  • Undertone: Yellow
  • Shades: NC37 in MAC or Medium-Deep in Revlon
  • Type: Normal

TONY MOLY: Secret Natural BB Cream

I must admit the packaging attracts me. It must be the fairy on it that tickles my girlishness.

The shade is quite beige, leaning towards pink, but somehow it’s workable on my skin. I can even use it as under eye concealer. The cream is on the thick side but is still easy to blend.

I can see the glow it gives my face. In fact, it leaves the pearly shimmer on my hand upon application. Coverage is light to medium, but that’s is expected due to the sheen. I never come across a foundation that offers full coverage as well as pearly glow. Set with loose powder and my skin glows from within. Love it!

It does an OK job covering blemishes but it’s a good thing since trying to do it too hard would only make it more obvious.

Oil control is fine, I guess. Four hours go by without touch-up is not bad, and after that it only gets glowy, not oily. Seems contradictory because my hands feel a bit oily when applying, so it could be the powder that I use to set it.

No sign of sun protection, though, which is alright because we should not rely on anything other than the real sunscreen.

LOTREE: SPF21 Primer Tinted Control Base

Another BB Cream whose packaging attracts my attention (you, sucker!) The hologram logo and everything seems so cool and expensive, but that’s about it.

It is light beige, way too pale for me, and it doesn’t blend with my skin.  There is no way I can layer it, unless I want to audition for Memoir of A Geisha 2.

It would fit most skin type, although it doesn’t give that glow look like Tony Moly does. I touch-up after 4 hours, which is quite normal.

It has SPF21 but don’t worry about it because we should never trust sun protection comes in a foundation or a moisturizer. It’s just not enough.

And oh, the name! “Primer Tinted Control Base”. Somebody touch me English, please.  Is this a BB Cream or a primer used prior to wearing a BB Cream? I’m sure it’s a BB Cream due to color and coverage.

And then it also says: “Only Powder”. Somebody kill me, please. Maksudnyah? Just add powder, no need to use foundation? Why do we even have to guess?

A’PIEU: Nature Pure BB Cream

There’s a sticker on the tube that says “Missha”, but I don’t know if Apieu and Missha are like sisters or what. It doesn’t say so anywhere on the packaging (or maybe it does, but the text on the back of the tube in Korean!) and I couldn’t find more info on the website.

The cream feels nice and comfortable on the skin, glides and blends easily. It’s not too pale, I guess it’s a “Medium”, like NC25-35 in MAC.

I can still spot the glow after setting it with powder, which is great. This has the texture that I like, not too thick, not greasy, just right. I don’t have to tug my skin when blending it out and it doesn’t leave oily residue on my hands. It  gives me matte finish, so yay for those who have oilier skin.

SKIN79: Diamond Collection – The Prestige Beblesh Balm

What the hell is beblesh? I asked my Korean friend and she was like ‘huh??’. Nope, it’s not a Korean word for blemish like I used to think, so, God know what it means.

To my knowledge, this is the only BB Cream that is approved by KFDA, the Korea’s FDA (FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America). It probably what it stands for: KFDA=Korean FDA? J

This one actually has an English information on the bottle (rare!), and it mentions amethyst, ruby, pearl as some of the ingredients which makes me feel like a million already. No wonder it’s called “the prestige”, although diamond is nowhere to be found. Then why name it Diamond??

Shade leans toward light beige but my warm undertone can accept it as long as you don’t layer it more than twice. The good things is that it blends well, and that’s what magical with some (not all!) BB Cream.

It does give me a glowy finish and oil control is great on my normal skin. I feel oily residue on my hands, so I’d say that this is more for normal to dry skin.

COOGI: Flowertox 3action Super

“Pleasure Mate” as it says on the tube and what are they thinking?! LOL! Fits better on KY tube than on a BB Cream!

It has the pink undertone to it, but somehow it blends fine with my skin tone Coverage is light to medium.

It’s all in Korean, but I’m pretty sure that this one contains silicone as it feels so silky upon application. Mind you that silicone is not a bad thing, but some people with sensitive skin can experience redness and itchiness when using products contain this ingredient.

SESALO: Peau Blanc Breath Balm

Another meaningless name. “Peau blanc” means “white skin”, but WTH is “breath balm”?

It says: “After doing human’s Membrane or laser surgery for the skin, this product has covered the skin spots, protected ultraviolet, and made a sedative skin. Also, the product desire for outgoing person”. Gubrakk! I’d stay away from products that can’t use proper English.  Now I’m thinking that using all Korean in the packaging is not a bad a idea after all :D

This product feels siliconey as well, which I like. It has pink undertone in it, but quite faint, so a warm tone face can use it with no problem.

Sesalo dries matte quickly and it doesn’t need a powder to set it. Great if you are in a hurry or in a hot and humid weather.

Suitable for all skin type (if you are not allergic to silicone – IF this really contains silicone), and what’s more, it covers blemish. Not fully concealed, but it gives you a decent job.

THE FACE SHOP: Pure Berry Clear BB Cream

There’s nothing “clear” about this BB Cream. I bought this thinking that I could use this as a day cream under my favorite foundation. Turned out that this is tinted like any other BB Cream.

It comes out light beige, yet it blends well with my skin tone. It is on the matte side and the coverage is sheer to medium. Don’t rely on it to cover any whatnots as any blemishes are still visible. Oil control is average too.

This cream feels comfortable on the skin and I believe all skin types can enjoy this. And I would thank them if they remove the scent. It’s not unpleasant, but it’s a little too perfumey for my taste.

SKIN FOOD: Agave Cactus Sun BB Cream SPF36

Oh, what a cute applicator! It comes right attached to the tube! And the good thing is, you can unscrew the sponge head, so you can wash the sponge whenever you need too. This way you can also squeeze the product of the tube if you prefer not to use the sponge.

The thing is, I hate using sponge for foundation so there.

Its light, cool tone turns me off the first time, but once it sets, I cannot trace the difference. BB Cream’s ability to blend well can be really amazing, but I guess it’s because they are basically tinted moisturizer whose shades are forgiving – some, not all of them!

Oil control is great. I was vacationing on a beach and this thing can hold a day without getting too oily. A little oil is expected, but really, I’d rather call it glow.

FILA: The F Double Action BB Cream

Originally, Fila was an Italian sportswear brand, while Fila Korea is a separate company operating the brand under license.  In January 2007, the global Fila brand was acquired by Fila Korea. I gotta read some of its history on Wikipedia because I was like: “Fila? BB Cream??”

Well, if I have to be consistent (“I’d stay away from products that can’t use proper English”), then I would not use this BB Cream.  There’s a typo on the tube that says “whiteing” (sabodo teuing?) instead of “whitening”. The problem is, compared to other BB Cream, I like this stuff.

This gives me a nice medium coverage and a decent flaw-covering job, much like Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. The finish is great for me. Not matte, not too shiny, just glowy.

The shade blends very well and it makes my skin look smooth. I know that I have to forgive a lot when it comes to BB Cream shades, but with this one, I don’t have to forgive at all.

I top it off with mineral makeup and love it even more. It stays for hours too. This one is a keeper!

HANSKIN: Super Magic BB Cream

This is supposed to be one of the best BB Cream on the market, so I’m excited to try this one out.

The creamy texture makes blending a cinch. Considering the off shades, I think BB Cream “needs” to be creamy so it can be blended out nicely to our skin tone.

It feels a little sticky on my face, which is fine for my normal skin, but I don’t think oilier skin would love this. Oil control is not the best either, but I think it can be managed by using a good primer targeted for oily skin. And a great powder, of course!

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